technical services manager - renee artman


Renee Artman

Forensic Services Bureau Manager Renee Artman joined the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department as a Criminalist in July 1985.  She has worked in the Toxicology, Controlled Substances, and Blood Alcohol sections in the capacity of Forensic Scientist and then later as Section Supervisor.  In April 1997, she became the Forensic Sciences Laboratory Manager responsible for overseeing all aspects of the operation, including Toxicology, Forensic Biology, Trace Evidence, Firearms and Toolmarks, Blood/Breath Alochol, and the Controlled Substances sections. 


Renee Artman received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and her Masters degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Medical Academy in Wroclaw, Poland.  


Renee Artman is currently assigned to the Forensic Services Bureau where she has oversight of the Forensic Sciences Laboratory, Crime Scene Investigation Unit, Photo Lab, Latent Prints, and the Sheriff’s West and East County Property Rooms.