Undersheriff Gary Pentis


Gary Pentis

Gary, a 31-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, is currently assigned to the Special Services Division with oversight of the Major Crimes Bureau, Aviation Unit, Narcotics, Intelligence, and SWAT team.


Throughout Gary’s career, he has worked in virtually every division and brings with him vast experience in all functional and geographical areas of the Department. During his 31 years with the Sheriff’s Office, Gary's assignments have included Detention Services, East County Patrol/Special Enforcement Unit, SWAT team member, and served ten years in Narcotics both as a Senior Deputy and Sergeant. During this time, Gary was recognized for his excellence in narcotics investigations and was named Narcotic Officer of the Year in 1986 and 1992, respectively.


In 1995, Gary was promoted to Lieutenant (now titled Captain) and worked as the Facility Manager at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility, patrol Watch Commander, East County Patrol Services Manager, and the Administrative Captain for the City of Camarillo. In 2000, Gary was privileged to serve as the Acting Chief of Police for the City of Ojai for five years. This assignment was particularly rewarding in that Gary was instrumental in helping form what was called the SAFE Coalition, a community based forum aimed to assist the at risk youth population. Along those same lines, Gary helped create the Social Host Ordinance that eventually was modeled for all Sheriff’s jurisdictions.


Gary earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health from San Diego State University, and is passionate about life-long learning. In fact, Gary has taught nationally and internationally covering topics that include international money laundering, domestic violence, and social networking and intelligence gathering. Throughout Gary's career, he has been recognized as a high achiever and continues to serve the Department with distinction while building positive partnerships with the residents of Ventura County.