Camarillo Citizen Patrol (C.C.P.)


Volunteers in Policing

The program was formally organized on March 15, 1976, and is believed to be the oldest incessant program of its type still in existence in the United States today. The Camarillo Citizen Patrol has evolved to become a city-funded program that includes patrol vehicles, uniforms, and equipment for members. Members have received training in radio procedures, recognizing suspicious persons, vehicles, and activities, first aid, traffic control, surveillance procedures, and searching for lost or missing children and adults.

The Camarillo Citizen Patrol Program is a community based crime prevention program exercising pro-active law enforcement principles.   It is designed to provide supplemental detection and reporting of suspicious persons and activities. Participants in the program may be utilized to enhance crime prevention services and community awareness of crime prevention programs available through the Camarillo Police Department.

Citizen Patrol Members may assist with the following:

  • Traffic control during community based activities such as parades and other special events. 
  • Perform security house checks for city residents away on vacation.
  • Assist with disaster relief efforts in the event of a citywide emergency. 
  • Perform the “Kid Print” child identification program

Citizen Patrol members work in teams of 2 or more and are prohibited from taking any enforcement action, carrying weapons of any kind or making arrests.

Potential members of the Camarillo Citizen Patrol Program must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Possess a valid CA Driver’s License.
  • Resident of Camarillo or its outlying unincorporated areas.
  • Not be convicted of any criminal offense.
  • Must be in good health and character.
  • Abide by the law enforcement code of ethics.
  • Read, write, and speak English fluently enough to communicate clearly with members of the public and with law officers through portable radios as utilized in the program.
  • Attend Monthly Meetings
  • Must volunteer 16 hours a month or 48 hours quarterly.

Potential members are required to complete a questionnaire to determine eligibility and suitability for membership in the program. Those persons who are eligible for membership are invited to sit for a review of their application with the Citizen Patrol Advisor and members of the Citizen Patrol Board to determine further suitability for the program.  A background check of the applicant’s driving record and criminal history will be conducted by Sheriff's Personnel to determine eligibility for participation in the program.