Civil Restraining Order FAQ


Where do I go to get a restraining order?

Residents in the west part of Ventura County can go to the Ventura Courthouse, 804 S Victoria Ave, Room 400 to begin the restraining order process.  For residents in East County, go to the Simi Valley Courthouse, 3855 Alamo St.  However, you may go to either location regardless of where you live.


Will I have to go to court?

Yes, go to court on the date the clerk gives you. 


Will the restrained person be at the court hearing?

If the person comes to the hearing, yes.  However, the person does not have the right to speak to you.  If you are in fear of the person, let the bailiff know. 


Do I need to bring a witness to the hearing?

No.  But it helps to have proof of the harassment.  You can bring:

  • A written statement from witnesses made under oath.
  • Witnesses
  • Photographs
  • Medical or police reports
  • Damaged property
  • Threatening letters, emails or telephone messages


The court may not let witnesses testify.  So, if possible, have witnesses written statements under oath at the hearing.


What if my restraining order is against a roommate?  Will you kick them out?

No.  The restraining order will not force a roommate to move out.  For this to occur, you must complete the eviction process. 


What if I move?

Your restraining order is valid anywhere in the United States.  If you move out of California, contact your new local police agency so they are aware of the order. 


What if the restrained person does not obey the order?

Call the police.  Under penal code 166(a)(4), the person could be guilty of a misdemeanor crime.  If convicted, this could result in a fine and up to one year imprisonment in the county jail. 

In order for a restraining order to be valid, the restrained party must be properly served.