News Stories


Date Time Description
01/31/201813:00Camarillo - Baja Fresh Robbery Suspect Arrested
01/31/201812:00Thousand Oaks - Child Luring Incident Near Sycamore Canyon School
01/31/201811:00Camarillo - Start Smart Program
01/31/201810:00Countywide - Designate a Driver before Super Bowl Sunday
01/31/201809:00Moorpark - Discovery and Seizure of Counterfeiting Laboratory
01/30/201814:00Camarillo - Public Invited to Shred Event
01/30/201812:00Camarillo - Identity Theft / Request for Public's Assistance
01/30/201810:00Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
01/29/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving
01/29/201811:00Camarillo - Armed Robbery of Camarillo Pizza Restaurant
01/29/201810:00Camarillo - Investigators Conduct Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
01/27/201814:00Ventura - Inmate Death
01/27/201813:00Moorpark - Man Causes Scare on Amtrak Train Saturday Morning
01/26/201816:00Countywide - CIT Officer of the Year Announced
01/25/201812:00Ventura County Jail Healthcare Veteran Retires
01/24/201810:00Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
01/23/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Pacoima Man Arrested for Forging Checks Stolen From Vehicles
01/23/201812:00El Rio - Vehicle Burglary Suspect Arrested
01/23/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Non-fatal overdose investigation leads to multiple arrests
01/22/201817:00Meiners Oaks - Colorado Man Faces Extradition for Charges of Murder and Attempted Murder
01/22/201816:00Hollywood Beach - Granada Hills Man Arrested for Felony Battery
01/22/201815:00Ojai - Citizen's Academy Offered for Area Residents
01/21/201814:00Ojai - Man Wanted by US Marshal's Office for Attempted Murder Arrested in Ojai Valley
01/19/201820:30Oxnard - Detectives Arrest Two Men For Illegal Possession of Firearms
01/19/201820:00Oxnard - Narcotics Search Warrant - Social Media Clarification
01/19/201814:30Thousand Oaks - Police Department Offers ''Start Smart'' Driving Program for Young Adult Drivers
01/19/201814:00Thousand Oaks - UPDATE - Underground Construction Explosive in Residential Neighborhood Deemed Safe
01/18/201812:00Thousand Oaks - Five Arrested for Gang-Related Assault
01/17/201816:30Thousand Oaks - Three Women Arrested for Gym Locker Room Theft and Auto Theft
01/17/201816:00Thousand Oaks - DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint Results Released
01/17/201815:00Saticoy - Wanted Gang Member Arrested After Pursuit
01/17/201814:00Fillmore Police to Host Public Safety Academy
01/17/201812:00Saticoy - Suspect Fires Gunshot at Man in Parked Vehicle
01/17/201810:00Camarillo - Investigators Seeking Public's Help to Identify Robbery Suspect
01/16/201816:00Thousand Oaks - Possible Decades-Old Explosive Found in Residential Neighborhood
01/16/201813:00Ventura Man Arrested for Narcotics Sales
01/12/201816:00Moorpark - Two Arrested for Identity Theft Laboratory Operation
01/12/201814:00Nyeland Acres - Gang Members Arrested for Robbery of Pizza Delivery Employee
01/11/201814:00Camarillo - Wanted Felon/Gang Member Arrested for Grand Theft
01/09/201818:00Thousand Oaks - Man Arrested for Kidnapping, Sexual Assault, Impersonation of a Police Officer
01/09/201816:30Arrest Made in Solicitation of Murder for Hire Plot
01/09/201816:15Camarillo - Bank Robbery Suspect Arrested
01/09/201816:00Thousand Oaks - Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operations Planned
01/09/201815:00Camarillo - Public's Help Needed to Identify Vehicle Tampering Suspect
01/09/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
01/08/201810:00Oak Park - Overdue Hiker Found Safe
01/08/201808:00Countywide - Community Preparation for Significant Rainstorm
01/05/201820:00Guns, Drugs, and a False Report Lead to Arrest of Suspect
01/05/201818:00Ojai - Upcoming Winter Storm
01/04/201810:00Oak Park - Two Teens Arrested For Multiple Home Burglaries