News Stories


Date Time Description
10/31/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Local Man Arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon
10/30/201812:00Thousand Oaks - Suspect Arrested for Indecent Exposure
10/29/201814:00Ventura - Inmate Death Determined to be Homicide
10/26/201812:00Ventura - Inmate Death
10/24/201815:00Thousand Oaks - Traffic Safety Awareness
10/24/201813:00Camarillo - Narcotics Arrest
10/24/201810:00Countywide - Sheriff's Office Joins ''Neighbors'' by Ring
10/22/201818:00Thousand Oaks - Vehicle vs. Pedestrian Traffic Collision Fatality
10/22/201814:00Camarillo Police Explorer Parent Night
10/22/201812:00Sheriff's Office First Agency in STate to Join Neighbors by Ring
10/19/201810:00Theft Suspect Sentenced to State Prison
10/18/201812:00Thousand Oaks - Suspect Arrested for Multiple Wallet Thefts
10/17/201810:00El Rio - Narcotics Arrest
10/15/201814:00Ojai - Coffee With the Chief
10/15/201812:00Ventura - Ten Arrested During Sweep of Public Nuisance Area
10/15/201810:00El Rio - Gang Member Arrested for Possessing Firearms and Narcotics
10/12/201813:00Fillmore - Local Man Arrested for Residential Burglary
10/12/201811:00Thousand Oaks - Attempt to Identify Fraud Suspect
10/12/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Update to Wednesday's Deputy-Involved Shooting
10/11/201818:30El Rio - Suspect in Deputy Involved Shooting Identified
10/11/201817:30Fillmore - Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Vehicle
10/11/201817:00Camarillo - Attempted Phone Scam
10/11/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Police Department Offers ''Start Smart'' Driving Program for Young Adult Drivers
10/10/201816:00Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
10/10/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Deputy-Involved Shooting
10/09/201815:00El Rio - Deputy-Involved Shooting
10/09/201810:00Countywide - Large Scale Drug Trafficking Organization Dismantled
10/08/201811:00Fillmore - Request for Public Assistance to Identify Forgery / Identity Theft Suspect
10/08/201810:00Countywide - Academy Class 2018-1 Graduation
10/06/201810:00El Rio - Gang Member Arrested With Firearm
10/05/201807:45Narcotics Arrest
10/04/201813:30Fillmore - Reqeust for Public Assistance to Identify Burglary Suspect
10/03/201815:30Narcotics Arrest
10/02/201818:15Narcotics Arrest
10/01/201814:30Meiners Oaks Homicide Victim Identified