News Stories


Date Time Description
11/30/201313:30Thousand Oaks - Traffic Collision / DUI Arrest
11/28/201319:30Nyeland Acres - Armed Robbery Arrest
11/27/201315:00Los Angeles - Promethazine with Codeine Arrest
11/27/201308:00Thousand Oaks - Ventura County Sheriff's Office Receives Grant for Specialized Traffic Enforcement Programs
11/26/201316:30Dead Body Found in Strawberry Field Near Ventura
11/26/201316:00Camarillo - Hoax Device Found Next to Freeway Lanes in Camarillo
11/26/201313:00Moorpark - School Bus Safety, Loading and Unloading Children
11/19/201308:00Santa Paula - Narcotics Arrest
11/18/201308:00Moorpark - Backflow Valve Theft Suspect Arrested
11/16/201308:00Thousand Oaks - Motorcycle Safety Enforcement
11/15/201317:00Countywide - Sheriff Dean Returns From Sacramento
11/15/201308:00Thousand Oaks - Narcotics Arrest
11/13/201317:00Moorpark - Holiday Safety Tips
11/13/201316:00Thousand Oaks - Injury Traffic Collision / DUI Arrest
11/13/201309:00Thousand Oaks - Caretaker Arrested for Elder Abuse and Fraud
11/13/201308:00Moorpark - Police and Sheriff's Using Twitter and Nixle
11/12/201308:00Thousand Oaks - Coffee With the Chief
11/11/201308:00Thousand Oaks - Sex Registrant Compliance Checks Conducted
11/08/201308:00Camarillo - Murder Suspect Arrested
11/07/201310:00Simi Valley - Narcotics Arrest
11/06/201308:00Moorpark - Narcotics Arrests
11/04/201317:00Thousand Oaks - Swatting Suspect Pleads Guilty
11/04/201316:00Fillmore - Graffiti Arrest / Prosecution
11/04/201310:00Moorpark - Sheriff's Deputies to Host Tip-A-Cop Event for Special Olympics
11/04/201308:00Camarillo - Residential Burglary Suspect Arrested
11/01/201317:00Simi Valley - Narcotics Arrest
11/01/201309:00Camarillo - Scams Class - How to Protect Yourself Over the Holidays
11/01/201308:00Thousand Oaks - Vehicle vs Pedestrian Injury Traffic Collision