News Stories


Date Time Description
02/28/201318:30Woman Sexually Assaulted by Suspect in Santa Paula Unincorporated Area
02/28/201318:30Suspect in Stolen Vehicle/Pursuit Arrested in Camarillo
02/26/201320:05Multiple Vehicles Involved in Thousand Oaks Non-Injury Traffic Collision
02/20/201310:00Newbury Park Financial Planner Arrested for Financial Elder Abuse and Money Laundering
02/19/201321:05Thousand Oaks Traffic Collision - Vehicle Struck While Waiting for Pedestrian in Crosswalk
02/19/201319:05Thousand Oaks Bank Robbery
02/19/201310:45Thousand Oaks - Residential Burglary Arrests
02/19/201310:30Camarillo - Barricaded Suspect
02/19/201310:00Thousand Oaks - Bank Robbery at Citibank
02/19/201308:20Deputies Conduct Sex Registrant Compliance Checks in Ventura and Oxnard Unincorporated Areas
02/13/201316:00Thousand Oaks - Increase in Residential Burglaries
02/11/201308:55Countywide - Cops Running For Charity Goes to New Zealand
02/11/201308:30Unincorporated West County - Silver Strand Beach - Narcotics Arrests
02/11/201308:10Camarillo - Narcotics Arrests
02/11/201308:00Thousand Oaks - Attempted Robbery Search Warrant / Arrests
02/11/201307:50Moorpark - Narcotics Arrest
02/11/201307:45Camarillo - Attempt Homicide / Man Injured in Shooting
02/11/201307:30Detention Services - New Inmate Program / E-mail an Inmate
02/05/201311:00Moorpark - Barricaded Suspect / SWAT Call Out
02/05/201310:00Thousand Oaks - Search Warrant / Arrests
02/05/201310:00Countywide - Three Men Arrested for Distribution of Bath Salts
02/05/201309:05Camarillo - Firearms and Narcotics Arrest
02/01/201316:00Sheriff's 2012 Part I Crime Statistics
02/01/201316:00Sheriff's 2012 Part I Crime Statistics - Continued
02/01/201313:05Sheriff's Narcotics Arrest