News Stories


Date Time Description
02/28/201811:00Camarillo - Non-Fatal Overdose Investigation Leads to Arrest
02/28/201810:00Oak Park - Non-Fatal Overdose Investigation Leads to Arrest
02/27/201818:00Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
02/26/201818:00Camarillo / DUI / Drivers License Checkpoint
02/25/201818:30Ventura / Vehicle Pursuit Suspect Arrested
02/24/201820:00Arrest of attempted murder suspect
02/23/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Graffiti at Westlake High School prompts law enforcement response
02/22/201816:00Ventura - Narcotics / Weapons Arrests
02/21/201817:30Crime Statistics
02/20/201818:30Camarillo - Prescription Drug Collection Results
02/16/201812:30Narcotics Sales Arrest
02/14/201818:30R.U.F.F. Program Graduation
02/14/201811:30Moorpark - DUI Checkpoint Results
02/13/201818:30Thousand Oaks - Pursuit Ends Crime Spree
02/13/201816:30Camarillo - Prescription Drug Collection
02/13/201816:30Thousand Oaks - Arrest of Panty Bandit Crew
02/13/201811:00Thousand Oaks - Fatal Traffic Collision
02/12/201817:00Attempt to Identify Shoplifter
02/09/201815:00Thousand Oaks - Identity Thief Finds Multiple Victims on Craig's List
02/09/201813:00Countywide - Resources Available for Victims of Violent Crime
02/07/201816:00Camarillo - Residents Warned About Work at Home Scams
02/07/201815:00Camarillo - Community Shred Event a Huge Success
02/07/201814:00Camarillo - Identity Theft Suspect Arrested
02/07/201813:00Moorpark - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
02/02/201814:00Countywide - Destroyed Firearms from Recent Thomas Fire
02/02/201813:00Thousand Oaks - Man Arrested in Connection with Woman's Overdose
02/02/201812:00Camarillo - Man Dies of Injuries From Traffic Collision
02/01/201810:00Countywide - Suspect Arrested For Doctor Shopping