News Stories


Date Time Description
03/31/201820:00Small Plane Crashes Near Santa Paual, Killing Two
03/30/201814:00Ojai - Three Arrested for Assault on Juveniles
03/30/201804:00Camarillo - Arrests Made in Human Trafficking Case
03/28/201810:00Santa Paula - Two Caught With Drugs, Guns, and Cash
03/26/201810:00Thousand Oaks - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
03/23/201817:00Ojai - Public's Help Sought to Identify Burglary Suspects
03/23/201816:00Thousand Oaks - Stolen Vehicle Arrests
03/23/201815:00Camarillo - Homeowner's Video System Leads to Arrest of Burglar
03/23/201813:00Thousand Oaks - Man Steals $200,000 in Fraudulent Business Scheme
03/22/201812:00Thousand Oaks - Alcoholic Beverage Decoy Sting Operation
03/21/201816:00Thousand Oaks - Vehicle Thief Arrested
03/21/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
03/21/201812:00Thousand Oaks - Updated Information on Oaks Mall Shooting
03/20/201810:00Camarillo - Student Arrested for Bringing Replica Gun to School
03/19/201816:00Countywide - Community Preparation for Significant Rainstorm
03/19/201810:00Camarillo - Alcohol Decoy Sting Operation
03/18/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Victim and Suspect in Mall Shooting Identified
03/16/201812:00Ojai - Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Assault With a Deadly Weapon and Felony Vandalism
03/16/201809:00Fillmore - Attempted Murder
03/16/201808:00Thousand Oaks - Heroin Delivery Service Dismantled
03/15/201812:00Camarillo - Suspect Arrested for Assault and Criminal Threats
03/15/201810:00Camarillo - Threat Reported Against Phoenix School
03/15/201808:00Camarillo - Arrest of Residential Burglary / Robbery Suspect
03/14/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Graffiti at Westlake High School Prompts Investigation
03/14/201808:00Thousand Oaks - Gang Member Arrested for Street Terrorism
03/14/201800:00Countywide - Sheriff's Recruitment Team to be at LA Marathon Fitness Expo
03/13/201808:00Camarillo - Plan a Designated Driver for St. Patrick's Day
03/12/201810:00El Rio - Suspects Arrested for Home Invasion Robbery
03/12/201808:00Thousand Oaks - Start Smart Driving Program Offered to Young Adult Drivers
03/09/201815:00Camarillo - Volunteers of the Year Honored
03/09/201814:00Ojai - Coffee With the Chief
03/09/201812:00Thousand Oaks - Burglary Suspects Arrested With Victim's Property
03/07/201811:00Countywide - Fugitive Wanted in Sexual Assault Case
03/06/201815:00Thousand Oaks - Investigators Execute Search Warrant at Celebrity's Home
03/06/201814:00Fillmore - Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
03/06/201811:00Camarillo - Credit Card Skimmers / Crime Prevention
03/06/201808:00Fillmore Welcomes New Chief of Police
03/05/201810:00Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
03/05/201808:00Lockwood Valley - Off-Highway Vehicle Grant
03/02/201813:30Ojai - Suspect Arrested for Lewd Acts on a Child on Ojai Valley Trolley
03/01/201817:00Camarillo - Child Annoying Suspect Arrested
03/01/201813:00Thousand Oaks - March Traffic Safety Awareness - Bicycle Safety