News Stories


Date Time Description
06/30/201718:00Narcotics Arrest
06/28/201721:00Illegal Fireworks and Weapons Seizure and Arrest
06/28/201716:30Arrest of Attempt Murder Suspect
06/27/201713:00Mortgage Loan Scams
06/24/201718:00Narcotics Arrests / Butane Honey Oil Lab Seizure
06/23/201719:00Missing Person Located
06/22/201717:00Fraudulent Prescription Conspiracy Investigation Leads to Arrests
06/22/201717:00Narcotics Arrest
06/22/201715:30Wanted Felon Arrested
06/22/201715:00Celebrating the First Completion of RUFF
06/22/201713:30Phone Scam Targets Citizens in Ventura County
06/21/201719:30Residential Drive-By Shooting / Suspect Arrested
06/16/201716:00Weather Advisory from the Ojai Police Department
06/16/201715:30Social Host Ordinance
06/16/201715:30Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
06/16/201715:00Narcotics Arrest / Firearms Seizure
06/16/201714:00Gang Investigation / Multi-location search warrant
06/15/201720:00Arrest for Grand Theft of Avocados
06/15/201719:00Armed Robbery - Attempt to Identify Robbery Suspect
06/14/201718:15DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
06/13/201718:30Extradition of Sex Assault Suspect
06/08/201713:00Tobacco Decoy Sting Operation
06/07/201715:00DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
06/06/201718:00Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
06/06/201717:00Awarded Off-Highway Vehicle Grant
06/06/201716:15Summer Swimming and Pool Safety Tips
06/06/201715:00It's Adoption Time
06/05/201715:00Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
06/05/201715:00Probation Searches / Ojai Valley
06/05/201712:00Plane Crash Kills Two Near Moorpark
06/03/201712:30Arrest Made After a Road Rage Incident
06/02/201717:00Donation to the Ventura County Sheriff's Foundation
06/01/201711:00DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint