News Stories


Date Time Description
07/31/201814:00Fillmore - Two Juveniles Arrested After Crime Spree
07/30/201810:00Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
07/27/201814:00Canoga Park - Suspects Arrested for Sales of Narcotics in Ventura County
07/26/201814:00Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
07/26/201813:00Camarillo - Sex Offender Arrested for Targeting Teen for Sex
07/23/201810:00Thousand Oaks - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
07/19/201814:00Oak Park - Vehicle Burglary Suspect Arrested
07/19/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Traffic Safety Awareness - Back to School Safety
07/18/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
07/18/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Start Smart Program Offered for Young Adult Drivers
07/17/201811:00Thousand Oaks - Two Suspects Arrested for Robbery at Retail Store
07/17/201808:00Thousand Oaks - Gang Members Arrested
07/16/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Planned
07/16/201812:00Camarillo - Fatal Traffic Collision
07/16/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
07/13/201812:00Oak Park - Suspect Arrested for Making Threats to Oak Park School District
07/11/201813:00Todd Road Jail - Suspects Arrested for Smuggling Narcotics Into County Jail
07/10/201811:00Thousand Oaks - Vehicle / Identity Thieves Arrested
07/09/201811:00Thousand Oaks - Organized Retail Theft Crew Arrested
07/09/201810:00Thousand Oaks - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
07/06/201810:00Sexual Predator Arrested After Targeting Runaways
07/05/201813:00Thousand Oaks - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
07/04/201813:00Ventura - Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
07/04/201810:00Port Hueneme - Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
07/03/201810:00Los Padres National Forest - Stranded Motorcyclist Rescued
07/01/201811:00Camarillo - Negligent Discharge of a Firearm
07/01/201810:00Camarillo - Felony Child Endangerment Arrest