News Stories


Date Time Description
08/30/201312:15Fillmore - Vehicle vs Pedestrian Traffic Collision, Serious Injuries
08/29/201319:20Fillmore - Chemical Spill on First Street - Haz-Mat Incident
08/29/201316:35Thousand Oaks Deputies Arrest Convicted Felon for Weapons/Ammunition Possession and Child Endangerment
08/29/201316:30Thousand Oaks Deputies Arrest Suspect for Res./Commercial Burg. in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties
08/29/201313:10Camarillo Deputies Arrest Suspect for Negligent Discharge of a Firearm
08/27/201312:30Ventura County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services Recognizes National Preparedness Month
08/27/201311:30Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services Hosts Preparedness Meetings for Ranch Livestock Evacuations
08/26/201316:45Deputies Conduct Sex Registrant Compliance Checks in Ojai Area
08/26/201316:45Camarillo Police Department Offers November Parent Project Course
08/25/201309:35Thousand Oaks D.U.I./Driver's License Checkpoint Results
08/24/201311:30Suspicious Letter Delivered to Moorpark Unified School Districti Offices
08/23/201317:45Thousand Oaks Police Department Plans DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint
08/23/201313:55Thousand Oaks Police Department Offers a Women's Health and Safety Forum September 28th
08/22/201316:00Moorpark - First Day of School
08/22/201316:00Simi Valley - Mother Arrested, Had Her Children Present During Narcotics Sales
08/22/201315:00Moorpark - Teen Arrested for Arson and Burglary at Local Middle School
08/22/201308:00Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Scheduled for Saturday
08/21/201315:30Camarillo - Back to School Traffic Safety
08/21/201315:00Simi Valley - Narcotics Task Force Arrests Local Pharmacist for Illegal Drug Sales
08/21/201311:00Thousand Oaks - Two Local Teens Suffer Serious Injuries in Traffic Collision
08/21/201309:00Thousand Oaks - Police Chief Randy Pentis to Host `Coffee With the Chief` Aug. 30th
08/21/201308:00Oakview - Sylmar Man Arrested for Mail Theft and Check Fraud
08/19/201317:30West County - Sheriff's Headquarters Station Use Nixle and Twitter to Provide Information to the Public
08/19/201311:00Fillmore - Police to Use Nixle and Twitter to Provide Information to the Public
08/18/201317:00Simi Valley - Narcotics and Money Laundering Arrest
08/17/201308:00Ventura - Chef Arrested for Narcotics Sales at Local Restaurant
08/16/201317:00Moorpark - Deputies Arrest Suspect for Child Luring and Extortion
08/16/201315:30Thousand Oaks - Investigators Arrest Residential Burglary Suspect who Tried to Sell Victim's Stolen Property Online
08/16/201309:00Thousand Oaks - Summer DUI Enforcement Mobilization
08/14/201313:25Thousand Oaks - Teen Seriously Injured in Solo Traffic Collision
08/13/201318:45Thousand Oaks Police Department Investigators Arrest Real Estate Fraud Suspect
08/13/201315:25Sheriff's Investigators Arrest Camarillo Robbery Suspects Also Wanted for Questioning in an Arizona Murder
08/13/201314:00Thousand Oaks - Four Juveniles Arrested After Robbery, Pursuit
08/12/201308:00Thousand Oaks - Update on Thousand Oaks DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
08/08/201317:00Thousand Oaks - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
08/02/201309:00Ojai - Ojai Police to use Nixle to Provide Information to the Public
08/02/201308:00Thousand Oaks - Parent Project Classes Scheduled for Fall 2013
08/01/201309:30Countywide - Sheriff's Dispatcher Julie Reupert to be Honored
08/01/201309:00Thousand Oaks - Police to use Nixle to provide information to the public
08/01/201308:00Fillmore - Traffic Collision Fatality