News Stories


Date Time Description
09/29/201812:30Assault with firearm investigation
09/29/201812:00Suspect arrested for murder
09/28/201823:45Homicide Investigation
09/28/201818:00Multi-State Identity Theft Suspect Arrested
09/28/201818:00Pick pocket and identity theft suspects arrested
09/28/201818:00Narcotics Arrest
09/28/201816:00Arrest related to Moorpark overdose death
09/27/201821:30Narcotics Arrest
09/27/201817:30Arrest made in jail homicide investigaiton
09/27/201815:00Narcotics Arrest
09/26/201817:00Illegal Marijuana Cultivation Investigation
09/26/201815:30Phone, Mail, Internet Scams
09/25/201810:20Home Invasion Robbery
09/24/201816:00October Traffic Safety Awareness - School Bus Safety
09/24/201816:00Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
09/21/201813:30Burglary Suspects Arrested
09/21/201811:30Deputies Investigate Attempted Kidnapping in Newbury Park
09/20/201820:15Robbery Arrest
09/20/201818:00Assault Rifle / High Capacity Magazine Arrest
09/20/201811:15Narcotics Arrest
09/19/201812:00Moorpark - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
09/19/201811:30Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
09/18/201821:30Deputies injured during arrest of subject
09/18/201812:30Inmate arrested for assualting cellmate
09/17/201821:00Death of former inmate
09/17/201817:30Social media posting promts lock down
09/17/201811:00Gang member arrested with firearm
09/14/201818:00Commerical burglary suspects arrested
09/14/201818:00Transient arrested for assault
09/14/201815:00Firearms arrest
09/14/201814:00Inmate death determined to be a homicide
09/14/201810:30Camarillo Vehicle Burglaries
09/12/201818:00Inmate Death
09/12/201812:30Moorpark - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
09/11/201820:30DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
09/11/201820:30Thousand Oaks- Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Planned
09/10/201812:00Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
09/07/201810:002018 At Your Service Day
09/06/201810:00Thousand Oaks - September Traffic Safety Awareness - Child Passenger Safety
09/05/201812:00Camarillo - Pedestrian Safety Month
09/05/201810:00Moorpark - Motorcycle Safety Enforcement
09/04/201815:00Lost Hiker Rescued Near Mt. Pinos
09/04/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint