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Camarillo Police Department Partnering with Camarillo Health Care District to Launch ''Adult Risk Information Card''
9/23/2014 4:50:00 PM


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Adult At Risk Information Card Program

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Camarillo Police Department / Camarillo Health Care District


Sept 23, 2014

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Community Resource Unit

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The Camarillo Police Department is partnering with the Camarillo Health Care District in launching a new program designed to aid adults in the community that are at risk.


For several years, the Camarillo Police Department has offered a program called 'Kid Print' at no cost to families in the community. Kid Print is offered nationwide at Law Enforcement agencies and varies from agency to agency. As part of the Camarillo Police Department's program, parents are given a small plastic card that contains a fingerprint, photograph, and specific information about their child, in case the child is ever lost or missing. Parents can present this card to Law Enforcement in case of an emergency. Additionally, Camarillo Police can create an instant flyer with the software that is included in the Kid Print program. Over 10,000 'Kid Prints' have been completed through the Camarillo Police Department, since the implementation of this program.


Since there are several at risk adults and many senior living facilities in Camarillo, the Camarillo Police Department wanted to develop a no cost program similar to 'Kid Print' to address these needs in the community. The Camarillo Police Department is pleased to announce the beginning of the 'Adult At Risk Information Card Program.'  The 'Adult At Risk Information Card' will contain the following information: name, photo, date of birth, height, weight, phone number, address, known disability or illness, communication method, and two contact numbers and addresses. The types of at risk adults and families that may find this card helpful are those that  may have the following diagnosis or disabilities: Alzheimer's, Autism / Asperger Syndrome, Blind or Low Vision, Brain Injury, Deaf or Low Hearing, Dementia, Diabetes, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy or Seizures, Mental Illness or some type of physical disability.


The Camarillo Police Department will work in conjunction with the Camarillo Health Care District to bring this program to the community.  The Camarillo Health Care District will provide space at their facilities to provide this service and act as a liaison to the other adult facilities in the community in setting up dates and times for appointments.  For those in the community that are confined to a residence, the Camarillo Police Department will bring this service to them. 


Two cards will be provided to at risk adults, one for the adult and one for the caregiver. The cards will be retained by the at risk adult and the caregiver and can be presented to law enforcement should the at risk adult become lost or disoriented.  Additionally, an at risk flyer can be made immediately and distributed to other Law Enforcement agencies, news stations, etc if the at risk adult is missing or lost.


Both the Kid Print and Adult At Risk Information Card Programs are run by the Camarillo Citizen Patrol.


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Sergeant John M. Franchi #2549 /



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Sept 23, 2014


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Sergeant John M Franchi #2549




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Captain Eric Dowd #2550



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