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Thousand Oaks - Starting 1/14/15, Police to Host Monthly Kid Print Events
12/12/2014 2:00:00 PM


Nature of Incident:

Thousand Oaks Police to Host Kid Print Events


Thousand Oaks Police Resource Center, Oaks Mall, 350 West Hillcrest Drive

Date & Time:

Ongoing: Second Wednesday of Each Month Between 11 AM and 3 PM

Unit Responsible:

The Thousand Oaks Police Department Volunteers in Policing



Beginning January 14, 2015, the Thousand Oaks Police Department is proud to introduce our new Kid Print ID system to residents of the Conejo Valley.  Volunteers In Policing members will host the monthly events at the Thousand Oaks Police Resource Center in the Oaks Mall.  Parents can bring their child during the event hours to have their picture and thumbprint captured in the Kid Print ID system.  Staff will print out an ID card which will include basic descriptive information about your child that parents can keep in a safe place or in their wallet while traveling. Should a child ever be lost or missing, parents will have this identification card for their child to assist with law enforcement efforts.



Prepared by:

Jennifer Lopez, VIP Coordinator


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Follow-Up Contact:

Sr. Deputy Edward Beauvais 805-371-8362

SST Isabel Correa 805-449-2760


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Captain James Fryhoff