News Story


Pre-Trial Detention Facility: Inmate Death
3/18/2015 11:21:00 AM


Nature of Incident: Inmate Death      


Location:  Pre-Trial Detention Facility, Ventura                  


Unit Responsible:  Major Crimes Unit and Classification Unit


Decedent                                             Address                                                         Age

Hans Goodlein                                     Carpenteria                                                     38



On March 12, 2015, at about 7:15 pm, during cell checks, deputies found Mr. Hans Goodlein hanging in his cell as the result of an apparent suicide attempt.  Deputies entered the cell immediately and rendered first-aid.  Jail medical personnel responded and assisted with life-saving efforts.  Ventura City Fire Department and AMR also responded, and after additional life-saving efforts, were able to get a faint pulse.  Mr. Goodlein was transported to CMH and placed on life-support.  After the family consulted with the attending physicians, Mr. Goodlein was removed from life support on March 15, 2015, and passed away on March 15, 2015 at 8:50 pm.


Goodlein was booked into the county jail on January 23, 2015 on the following charges:

  • 664/187 (a) PC, Attempted Murder.


Goodlein was in custody awaiting trial.



Officer Preparing Release: Sergeant Dave Lareva


Follow-up Contact:  Detective Steve Michalec 805 384-4732                                


Date of Release: March 18, 2015                            


Approved by: Commander Rick Barrios