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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month
4/15/2015 6:34:00 PM


Nature of Incident:

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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City of Moorpark

Date & Time:

April 15, 2015

Unit(s) Responsible:

Moorpark Police Department, Traffic Unit


The Moorpark Police Department would like to remind the public April is distracted driving awareness month.  The Moorpark Police Department is enforcing cell phone laws with a zero tolerance for distracted driving.  The Moorpark Police Department is asking that motorists please put down their cell phones while driving and pay attention to the very busy roadways.  Distracted driving continues to be a lead cause in traffic collisions causing serious injury and death. Nationwide during 2014, cellphone use has shown to be the cause of traffic collisions in one out of every four collisions.  Each day in the United States more then 9 people are killed and more than 1,153 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver.

Distracted driving activities include cell phone usage such as talking, texting, emailing, looking at pictures or browsing Internet on a cell phone.  Using in-vehicle technologies such as navigation systems and even stereos take drivers attention from the road.  Activities such as shaving and putting on makeup while driving can also be a source of distraction.  Something as innocent as eating or manipulating food/drink while driving has shown to cause traffic collisions because of the driver's attention being diverted away from the roadway.

The Moorpark Police Department is asking for your help to keep our streets safer by turning your cell phone off while driving and placing it out of reach.  Use 100% of your focus on driving your car and paying attention to the roadway and hazards around you instead of using a cell phone or other device that may distract you.

Through the month of April and the increased enforcement, the Moorpark Police Department hopes to persuade drivers to recognize the danger of distracted driving and reduce the number of people seriously injured or killed on our roadways each and every day.

Prepared by:

Senior Deputy Nolan Stoyko #2979


News Release Date:

April 15, 2015


Media Follow-Up Contact:

Nolan Stoyko, Senior Deputy 805-532-2711


Approved by:

Stephen Wade, Captain