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Camarillo Mayor bestows honor to four Camarillo Citizen Patrol Volunteers
1/26/2012 1:15:00 AM


Nature of Incident:


Camarillo Mayor bestows honor to four Camarillo Citizen Patrol Volunteers


Camarillo City Hall

601 Carmen Dr.

Camarillo, CA  93010

Date & Time:

Wednesday, December 17, 2011

Unit Responsible:

Community Resource Unit


On Wednesday, December 17, 2011, Camarillo Citizen Patrol members Carole Crouse, David Fish, Ed Christensen and Marv Aeder were formally honored by Camarillo Mayor Jan McDonald, Sheriff's Commander and Camarillo's Police Chief Steve DeCesari, and members of the Camarillo City Council. The four Citizen Patrol members have surpassed 5,000 hours of volunteer service with the Citizen Patrol and were awarded certificates of appreciation during the event to recognize this accomplishment.


Citizen Patrol member Carole Crouse reached 5,000 hours volunteered in September of 2007, and became the inaugural member of the Citizen Patrol's '8,000 Hour Club' in October of 2011, as she surpassed 8,000 hours volunteered and has accrued more volunteer hours than any other Camarillo volunteer past or present. Carole was also recognized at the membership's holiday party in December, as she was awarded a commemorative plaque acclaiming her accomplishment. Carole joined the Citizen Patrol in 1999, has served several terms on the Citizen Patrol Board, and served as a Field Training Officer for many years.


Ed Christensen joined Citizen Patrol in 2001 and surpassed 5,000 hours volunteered in November of 2007. Ed recently surpassed 6,500 hours volunteered. David Fish has currently volunteered 6,950 hours. David joined the Patrol in 2001 and surpassed 5,000 hours volunteered in May of 2008. David is currently a Field Training Officer and the New Member Coordinator on the Citizen Patrol Board. Marv Aeder joined the 5,000 hour club in October of 2011, has been a member of the Patrol since 1999, and is currently a Field Training Officer.


A congratulatory plaque has been created to acknowledge the accomplishment of surpassing 5,000 hours volunteered and will be displayed in the Camarillo Police Station lobby.


The Camarillo Citizen Patrol Program is a viable, community based crime prevention program exercising pro-active law enforcement principles. The unit was formally organized on March 15, 1976 and is believed to be the oldest program of its type still in existence in the United States today. The program is designed to provide supplemental detection and reporting of suspicious persons and activities. Participants in the program may be utilized to enhance crime prevention services and community awareness of crime prevention techniques available through the Camarillo Police Department.


Citizen Patrol members perform daily patrols in city supplied vehicles, provide traffic control assistance, perform vacation security house checks for city residents that are away from their homes, and facilitate the 'Kid Print' child fingerprinting and identification program. Members are also subject to being called upon to assist with disaster relief efforts in the event of a citywide emergency.



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SST II Todd Eskridge, Community Resource Officer

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SST II Todd Eskridge, Community Resource Officer

(805) 388-5129

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Captain Bruce Macedo