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Arrest Made in Threatening a Witness
8/3/2017 6:00:00 PM


Nature of Incident:

Arrests Made In Threatening A Witness

Report Number:



County of Ventura

Date & Time:

July 2017

Unit(s) Responsible:

Ventura County Sheriff's Major Crimes Bureau

(S)uspects, (V)ictims, (P)arty, (D)ecedent

City of Residence


(S) Penny, Bryan

(S) Penny, Cameron

(S) Gray, Ashley







In June of 2016, Detectives from the Ventura County Sheriff's Major Crimes Bureau concluded a robbery investigation that resulted in the arrest of five suspects, including (S) Bryan Penny.  As of July of 2017, four of the suspects had pled guilty or were found guilty of the robbery.  One of the suspects is still waiting for court proceedings.  


In July of 2017, investigators from the Ventura County Sheriff's Major Crimes Bureau learned that unedited police interviews with witnesses from the robbery investigation had been posted to a publicly accessible internet website.  An investigation revealed Bryan Penny, who was in custody for his robbery conviction, coordinated with (S) Ashley Gray and (S) Cameron Penny to post the digital copies of the police interviews on social media.  The social media site contained links to the audio files along with content meant to threaten the witnesses.  All three suspects were arrested and booked at the Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility for PC 140(a) ' [Threatening A Witness].  All three suspects are currently in custody with a bail of $250,000.


Investigators from the Ventura County Sheriff's Office rely on members of the community to report crimes and to give witness statements.  A strong community partnership between law enforcement and members of the community is vital to preserving peace, preventing crime, and apprehending suspects.  The willful and malicious actions of intimidating witnesses will not be tolerated.   



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Deputy R. LaSecla


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Detective Cyrus Zedah




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Captain Melissa Smith