News Story


Filllmore Citizen Patrol
10/30/2017 5:00:00 PM


Nature of Incident:

Fillmore Citizen Patrol


City of Fillmore

Date & Time:

10/30/2017 0800 hours

Unit(s) Responsible:

Fillmore Police Department and Fillmore Citizen Patrol



Members of the Fillmore Citizen Patrol are trained volunteers who assist in meeting law enforcement objectives for normal daily operations as well as during times of disasters and emergencies.  Members of the Citizen Patrol Team patrol the community in a white patrol vehicle with 'Fillmore Police, Sheriff Citizen Patrol' on each door.  There are currently 11 volunteers who have served nearly 800 hours of their own time to the Santa Clara Valley Community last year.   


Fillmore Citizen Patrol volunteers are a uniformed function of the Police Department that works in patrol, at the station, and at the resource centers.  The extra eyes and ears in the community allow deputies to respond quickly to crimes in progress and intervene on emergency situations.   


By utilizing volunteer groups for such basic yet needed tasks, Sheriff's Deputies are able to spend more time on patrol and focus more on their primary task - keeping our community safe.  The Citizen Patrol also conducts other community service duties provided by the Police Department such as parking enforcement, towing abandoned vehicles, and vacation house checks.  In addition to patrolling our community, Fillmore Citizen Patrol members assist with parades during the May Festival and Christmas, and assist with our local Fillmore/ Piru Relay for Life. 


Recently, Citizens Patrol members teamed up with the Sheriff's deputies assigned to the Fillmore Police Department to educate the youth of our community.  Citizen Patrol members have made short presentations to students on safety.  Citizen Patrol members are also involved in afterschool and programs to develop positive interactions between the youth of and law enforcement. 


The Fillmore Citizen Patrol has also awarded numerous scholarships to students within our community. For 2015 & 2016, scholarships totaling nearly $7000 were awarded to 8 Fillmore High School students.


If you are interested in joining Fillmore Citizen Patrol, are 21 or over and live in the community of Fillmore or unincorporated areas of Piru and Bardsdale, please contact the Fillmore Police Station or Citizen Patrol Member Lisa Hammond at 805-524-2233.


Prepared by:

Citizen Patrol Member Lisa Hammond


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Citizen Patrol Member Lisa Hammond




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Captain Dave Wareham