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Countywide - Destroyed Firearms from Recent Thomas Fire
2/2/2018 2:00:00 PM


Nature of Incident:

Destroyed Firearms From Recent Thomas Fire



Date & Time:

January 29, 2018


The recent Thomas Fire ravaged much of Ventura County last month. Many residents had some

or all of their personal property destroyed in the fire. One of those items might have been a


The Ventura County Sheriff's Office wants to inform residents that if your firearms were destroyed

in the Thomas Fire, you can contact your local law enforcement office to assist with disposing of

your destroyed firearms. If your destroyed firearms were registered with the California

Department of Justice, you need to complete a

California form BOF 4546) found on the California DOJ/Bureau of Firearms website

'Notice of No Longer in Possession' (State of

will need to provide an explanation to Cal DOJ regarding the circumstances of the destruction of

the firearms on an attached sheet. The BOF 4546 form provides detailed instructions for the

registered owner.

If the registered owner wants assistance with the disposal of any destroyed firearms and lives

within the Ventura County Sheriff's Office jurisdiction, they can request a deputy respond to take

a report detailing the circumstances of the firearm's destruction, provide the registered owner

with the official report number, and take the firearm for safe destruction. It is recommended that

if residents are in possession of destroyed or damaged (beyond the ability to repair) firearms,

they contact their law local law enforcement agency to safely and properly dispose of the

firearms. If you are unsure if your destroyed firearm(s) are loaded or capable of firing, ALWAYS

TREAT THEM AS OPERATIONAL AND LOADED, keeping firearm safety in mind.

. In addition to completing the BOF 4546 form, the registered owner

Prepared by:

Renee Ferguson, Captain

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January 29, 2018

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Renee Ferguson, Captain (805) 662-6843

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Captain Garo Kuredjian