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Camarillo Police Department reminds children to use helmets
5/25/2012 8:05:00 AM


Nature of Incident:

Helmet Safety


City of Camarillo

Unit Responsible:

Camarillo Police Department Community Resource Unit



With Memorial Day Weekend starting off our summer, the Camarillo Police Department would like to remind Camarillo residents that children must wear helmets when riding, bicycles, scooters and skateboards. If not wearing a helmet and you are under the age of 18, you could be fined up to $120. Studies show that 74- 85% of bicycle related injuries could be prevented with the proper use of a helmet. Proper use means buying a good helmet, making sure it fits and making sure to buckle the chin strap, fitting the helmet strap securely under the chin.


Remember a bicycle is considered a "vehicle" and riders must follow the rules of the road. Obey all street signs, use hand signals and avoid hazards on the roadway. Wear reflective clothing. If you are riding at night or even at dusk, make yourself visible. You are also required to have a working headlight if you are biking at night.


Officers of the Camarillo Police Department will be enforcing violations of the helmet law and the rules of the road in school areas and on city streets, to assure the safety of the children.


The Camarillo Police Department does have a limited amount of helmets and safety gear available for free, provided to families dealing with financial hardships. For those needing assistance with safety equipment contact an officer at the Camarillo Police Department's Community Resource Unit during regular business hours M-F 8 AM to 5PM, (805) 388-5155.


Deputy Preparing Media Release:


Deputy Mario Molina # 3664

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Follow-Up Contact:

Camarillo Police Department Community Resource Unit (805) 388-5155


Approved by:

Commander DeCesari