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Camarillo Police Department Warns Public of Telephone Fraud Scam by D.E.A. Impersonators
9/7/2012 7:00:00 PM


Nature of Incident:

Extortion SCAM alert (DEA)

Unit Responsible:

Camarillo Police Department


In the last month the Camarillo Police department completed a crime report for an extortion scam by DEA impersonators. The Camarillo Police Department recently contacted the Drug Enforcement Administration about the scam. The DEA is currently warning the public about the scam, advising the public about receiving phone calls from criminals posing as DEA special agents as part of an extortion scam.


In this scam, the criminal calls the victim and questions them about ordering prescription medication over the internet. The victim is advised the purchase of drugs over the internet is illegal and advised that legal action will be taken against the party unless a fine is paid.  The victim of this scam in Camarillo was advised of a $ 5000.00 fine. During the phone call the criminal will instruct the victim of the process to pay the fine and advised that failure to pay the fine will lead to an arrest for illegal drug trafficking by the DEA.


The victim should be aware that no DEA agent or law enforcement officer should ever call members of the public by telephone and ask for money to be paid for a violation of the law.


The Camarillo Police Department is advising the public that purchasing medication via the Internet is a risk to your finances. In addition, when ordering drugs over the Internet the public also runs the risk of unsafe, counterfeit of ineffective drugs.


Due the number of victims relating to this crime, the DEA has established a reporting center for this extortion scam. The phone number for reporting this crime is 1.877.792-2873.


In addition contact your local law enforcement agency.


Deputy Preparing Media Release:

Deputy Mario Molina

Media Release Date:


Follow-Up Contact:

Camarillo Community Resource Unit

Approved by:

Captain Bruce Macedo