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Camarillo Police Department Reminds Citizens of Pedestrian and Bicycle Traffic Near Schools
10/2/2012 3:55:00 PM


Nature of Incident:         Traffic Safety Near Schools


Location:                        City of Camarillo                     


Date & Time/ RB#:        10/02/2012                    


Unit Responsible:          Community Resources Unit   




Now that the school year has begun and is in full swing, the Camarillo Police Department in conjunction with the Pleasant Valley School and Oxnard Union High School Districts would like to remind Camarillo residents who drive near the city's schools to be mindful of children and teenagers walking or riding their bicycles to and from school.  Since the beginning of the school year, the Camarillo Police Department's Traffic Bureau has responded to four traffic collisions involving children riding their bicycles to or from school.  Drivers of motor vehicles should obey all posted speed limit and traffic signs in or around school zones. Drivers are also reminded to be patient in or around these school zones as traffic is typically backed up with parents who are attempting to drop off or pick up their children.  It is recommended that if you do not have children attending a school, that you drive with extra caution or drive an alternate route during school hours of 7:00 AM ' 4:00 PM in order to avoid traffic congestion in front of our city schools. A map showing school site locations for kindergarten through eighth grades can be found @ 


Parents are also encouraged to teach their children proper bicycle riding safety. The Camarillo Police Department would like to remind parents that children and teenagers under the age of 18 years of age are required to wear a helmet approved by either the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The helmet needs to be properly fitted and strapped under their chin while riding a bicycle, scooter or skateboard upon a street, bikeway or any other public bicycle path or trail per CVC 21212(a). Studies show that approximately 74% to 85% of bicycle related injuries could be prevented or the severity of injuries reduced with the proper use of a helmet and the rider was following the rules of the road. The Camarillo Police Department does have a limited number of helmets and safety gear available for free, provided to families dealing with financial hardships.


When riding a bicycle on a street, the rider is required to obey the rules of the road like the driver of a motor vehicle and is subject to being issued a citation and possibly fined by the courts for failing to do so.  Feel free to contact the Community Resource Unit during regular business hours @ 805-388-5155.



Officer Preparing Release:    John Franchi, Sergeant


Follow-up Contact:               John Franchi, Sergeant (805) 388-5155                                  


Date of Release:                    10/02/2012       


Approved By:                        Bruce Macedo, Captain