News Story


Thousand Oaks/ Two children injured in traffic mishap
7/27/2011 11:00:00 AM


Nature of Incident:      Two children injured in traffic mishap                     


Location:                     Springbrook Street / Windbreeze Avenue                   


Date & Time/ RB#:     07/26/2011    1515 hrs.                     


Unit Responsible:         Thousand Oaks Traffic


Involved Parties                                     City of Residence                                         Age

Male Driver                                           Moorpark                                                     42

Male Child                                             Thousand Oaks                                            7

Male Child                                             Thousand Oaks                                            7                    




On 07/26/2011, at approximately 3:15 pm, a UPS truck was delivering packages in the 2400 block  of  Springbrook Street.  While the driver was making a delivery, two seven-year-old boys climbed onto the back step of the truck.  The driver returned to his vehicle, and unbeknownst to him, the children were still on the step.  He started the truck and drove off.  The children fell off of the back step and landed onto the asphalt.


Both children were transported by ambulance to area hospitals for head injuries.  One child was treated and released.  The other child was admitted and is expected to fully recover. 



Officer Preparing Release:   Sgt. B. Payton                                                              


Follow-up Contact: Thousand Oaks Police Department, Traffic Bureau

                                 Deputy Shawn Holzberger  805.373.2305                               


Date of Release:  07/27/2011                


Approved By:  Captain Paul Higgason