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Sheriff?s Office Air Support Needed for Multiple Calls
9/30/2011 10:15:00 AM


Nature of Incident:     Sheriff's Office Air Support Needed for Multiple Calls


Location:                     Ventura County


Date & Time/ RB#:     9-27-2011 @ 6:15 p.m.


Unit Responsible:         Ventura Co. Sheriff's Office ' Aviation/SAR Unit


(S)uspects, (V)ictims, (W)itnesses         City of Residence                                        Age



On 9-27-11, the Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit responded to multiple calls for service in Ventura County.  In addition, they responded to Santa Cruz Island in Santa Barbara County at the request of the Coast Guard for mutual aid. 


The calls began early in the day when a medivac was requested in remote Quatal Canyon.  An elderly female at a ranch in the canyon was having a medical emergency and Air Squad 9 was requested.  The nearest hospital is about two hours away by vehicle.  Air Squad 9 responded and transported the victim to the Ventura County Medical Center in about 15 minutes.


Shortly afterward, the Coast Guard called and asked for assistance.  They had a vessel that had sunk on the backside of Santa Cruz Island and they were concerned about a fuel leak.  Their  aircraft was unavailable as were the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department helicopters.  Air Squad 9 flew out to the island, located the vessel, and took photos for the Coast Guard so they could assess the scene and evaluate how to clean up the area.


On the way back from Santa Cruz Island, Air Squad 9 was dispatched to an injured mountain biker on 'Lizard Rock' in Wildwood Park.  They arrived and located the biker on a steep trail.  Air Squad 9 was able to hover off load a paramedic and a crew chief in the area.  In addition, Ventura County firefighters responded to the area on foot.  Together, they tended to the victim's injuries and prepared him for transport.  Air Squad 9 was able to hover near the steep slope so the victim could be loaded in.  The victim sustained moderate injuries and was transported to Los Robles Regional Medical Center.


Later, Air Squad 9 was called back to Wildwood Park for a hiker with heat exhaustion.  At the same time, Copter 6 was launched to a robbery at Chase Bank in Camarillo.  Once Air Squad 9 was on scene, Ventura County Firefighters were able to access the victim and walk her out. 

Air Squad 9 then flew to Camarillo and relieved Copter 6 at the robbery call.  An aerial search was conducted for one hour, but the suspect(s) were not located.


The Sheriff's Office Aviation Unit is the only air resource for public safety in the County.  The Sheriff and the Ventura County Fire Department work together to make sure this valuable resource is available and ready to respond to emergencies.  The crew members are both Sheriff's Deputies and Firefighters.  All are trained in law enforcement, search and rescue, medivac and firefighting.


Officer Preparing Release:    Sr. Dep. Shane Matthews  


Follow-up Contact:               Sr. Dep. Shane Matthews (805) 388-4212


Date of Release:                    9-27-11


Approved By:                        Captain Don Aguilar