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Moorpark - Police Introduce iWatch Neighborhood Watch Program
5/5/2014 8:00:00 AM


Nature of Incident:

Moorpark Neighborhood iWatch


City of Moorpark

Date & Time:

May 5, 2014

Unit(s) Responsible:

Moorpark Police Department Beat Coordinator Unit


Recently, the Moorpark Police Department queried our community in an attempt determine if individuals and Home Owner Associations (HOA's) were interested in participating in Neighborhood Watch programs.  The Moorpark Police Department received an overwhelming response from HOA's wanting to participate.  With the awesome interest from the community, the Moorpark Police Department is offering a new kind of Neighborhood Watch Program'The Neighborhood iWatch.

Because of technology, busy schedules, and the need for family time, the Moorpark Police Department Beat Coordinator Unit has created an email based neighborhood watch program.  This new iWatch program allows many of us with busy lives and family to spare the monthly meetings and communicate our community concerns via our phone, tablet, or home computers.  This program saves time and allows for more immediate results.  Rather than waiting a month for traditional Neighborhood Watch meetings to make connections, we now instantly receive our message via email and likely a response to concerns the same day.  The community member looking to ask their Police Agency Liaison a question can literally get the answer today rather than a month from now.

The traditional Neighborhood Watch program employed monthly meetings and large time commitments from all involved.  Though there is still commitment, the involvement merely amounts to being aware of your neighborhood surroundings and report those things that are suspicious, concerns on your block, or questions about police activity in your neighborhood to your Block leaders via an email.  Local law enforcement takes it from there.

As a watch community you may still feel a need to meet in person but that is at your discretion.

Your privacy is also our concern and that is why we suggest that iWatch be set up on a separate email address you access.   In this way your personal email remains private and you will know that anything received in the iWatch email is Neighborhood iWatch related.

If you are interested in joining and participating in the new age of neighborhood watch please contact Senior Deputy Bob Berger at (805)299-1504 for details.

Prepared by:

Senior Deputy Beat Coordinator Bob Berger




Media Release Date:


May 5, 2014



Follow-Up Contact:


Senior Deputy Beat Coordinator Bob Berger




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Stephen Wade, Captain