Sr. Deputy Luis Alvarez - Detectives

Alvarez, Luis
I had an interest in law enforcement at a very young age. I always viewed law enforcement as a respectable profession and admired what law enforcement did for the community.

The sensitivity of the cases and the impact it has on people for the rest of their lives is something one needs to consider when investigating these cases. I enjoy the challenge this position gives me. I also enjoy knowing I can help a victim at a very influential and crucial time in their life.




Deputy David Anaya - Patrol & Bomb Unit

Anaya, David
I grew up in area that was economically depressed and the area was patrolled by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. The deputies that patrolled the area treated the residents as equals and often took the time to speak with us (juveniles). They encouraged us to stay in school and were positive role models. Their teachings left a lasting impression on me and encouraged me "always do the right thing."







Deputy Chad Bourget - Patrol

Bourget, Chad
I went on ride alongs with different agencies in the county and decided on becoming a deputy sheriff because of the size of our department and the variety of assignments available.

I enjoy being able to help some of the youths that need direction and working with the teachers and administrators at the various schools.







Deputy Chris Cadman - Patrol & Mounted Unit

Cadman, Chris
What interested me in becoming a Ventura County Sheriff's Deputy was, the opportunity to serve my community while working on a highly professional team with good pay and great benefits.

The always changing tasks where it is handling different calls or self initiated activity. There are always opportunities to learn and try new things.







Deputy Scott Duffner - Patrol

Duffner, Scott
The K9 unit position provides me a chance to interact with the community a lot more then anyone else on patrol. We are often called upon to do demonstrations at elementary schools, community organizations and community events. Having the K9 with us enables us to break the "ice" with a lot of people in the community because they are interested in the dog. This in turn helps us get our point across about important topics that the community should be aware of.






Senior Deputy John Hajducko - Patrol & SWAT

Hajducko, John
The best thing about the Ventura County Sheriff's Department is the quality of the men and women who wear the badge each day. No matter what station or assignment I've worked, I have always had the support and friendship of my coworkers necessary to endure the "extremes" of police work. The public should know that the deputies who work for this department truly go above and beyond to preserve their safety and protect them from the criminal element.






Sergeant Billy Hester - Patrol

Hester, Billy
Every person you meet and every call you respond to is different every day. The pay and benefits is also a plus.

I like the fact that there are a lot of different assignments you could work. You could work as a crew chief on the helicopter, ride a horse on the mounted unit, or patrol the streets on a bike. The opportunities are there if you want them.







Deputy Marco Hinahon - Patrol

Hinahon, Marco
I made some life changing decisions growing up and I wanted to show my parents they raised a son they can be proud of.

It is exciting to know that I am setting a foundation by passing on knowledge and core values which would assist the trainee in making the right decisions throughout his/her career with the department.








Deputy Linda Janssen - Main Jail & Mounted Unit

Janssen, Linda
I made a decision to pursue a career in law enforcement 15 years ago. I tried but failed a written test by one point. I passed the physical test with no problem. After going through life's challenges of divorce and taking the role of being a mother seriously, I gave my children the attention they deserved. Now that they were older I was free to devote more energy to my career, while still devoting my time to my teen aged children. I wanted to be a role model to them. In my year and half of being a sworn deputy sheriff, I have found that every month gets better and better.




Deputy Charles MacDonald - K9 Unit

MacDonald, Charles
I believe we have a good group of sworn and non-sworn personnel. Everyone works together as team and there is a good sense of camaraderie among the troops.

The opportunity to train every day and work my K9 Partner. We can go to any stations throughout the county to work and assist fellow deputies on searches.








Sr. Deputy Dushan Mano - Custody & SWAT

Mano, Dushan
Currently I am in a supervisory position in a custody setting. I see my current position as a great experience to teach and lead newly appointed deputies so they can become experienced and valuable members of our department. I take a pride in being able to pass on my experience.









Deputy Jeff Marrs - Patrol

Marrs, Jeff
Being a deputy sheriff was a childhood dream. I always admired deputies when I was growing up and wanted to be like them. I wanted to be able to act in emergencies and control critical situations. As a deputy I enjoy the confidence of knowing there are few situations in life that I can't handle. Standing in front of a group of children at a school assembly has always been one of my favorite assignments. Every day is different and challenging. Ultimately being able to help people is what makes the job satisfying





Deputy Shannon McElveen - Patrol, Thousand Oaks

McElveen, Shannon
I longed for a career that would challenge me. I wanted to work with persons who shared the same goals, work ethic and pride in their job. I looked for a job with aspects to keep my interest. I had a strong need to assist the community and provide a role model for my friends and family.








Deputy Trina Newman - School Resource Officer

Newman, Trina
My father, uncles, aunt and cousin and close family friends were all involved in law enforcement. I admired their strengths and desire to help people. I believed that their drive to put themselves in harms way to protect what they believe in had a lasting effect during my childhood. Later, as a young adult, I also began to realize the commitment and discipline it took for them to do the job they did everyday and I decided that I wanted to seek the same fulfilling career that I had seen so many of my family members take pride in doing.




Senior Deputy Scott Norris - Custody & Air Unit

Norris, Scott
During a career, one could work a new assignment every couple of years and still have not worked all the available jobs. Being a team oriented profession, the best part of this job has been the opportunity to meet and develop lifetime friendships.










Sr. Deputy Lawrence Oriee - Patrol

Oriee, Larry
Becoming a Deputy Sheriff gave me the ability to help home and business owners, our local schools, as well as other entities in our community by educating them with tips on crime prevention. There is nothing more rewarding then receiving just a simple smile from a citizen in our community who received assistance from local law enforcement.








Sgt. Barbara Payton - Detectives

Payton, Barbara
What I enjoy most is when we take an investigation to a successful conclusion. We can be confident we did the right thing, and the victims and their families can begin the healing process. On occasion, we are contacted by a victim / family that has gotten past the pain of being victimized. There is nothing better than a child who comes up and hugs you... thanking you for being there for them.







Sr. Deputy Kathleen Perea - Patrol

Perea, Kathleen
What I like about the Sheriff's department is the diversity. Within the Sheriff's department are 5 contract cities along with the county areas. As a part of the Sheriff's department, I can work in each station in a variety of assignments. There is room for growth and opportunity.

I enjoy working in detectives because it allows me to follow through on cases until I have exhausted all leads. I am continually learning in this assignment whether it is utilizing new interview techniques or filing cases with the DA.




Sergeant Pat Ruby - Patrol

Ruby, Pat
My position as a Patrol Sergeant in my opinion is one of the best positions I have had in my 25 years on the Department. I am responsible for supervising several sworn and non-sworn personnel throughout the shift. I respond to a wide variety of calls not only to supervise the situation, but at times due to staffing levels, I am required to be an active participant in the incident. As the shift supervisor, I try to lead by example, having a positive attitude while providing direction to those whom I am responsible for.





Deputy Mike Sahlman - Motor Unit, Thousand Oaks

Sahlman, Michael
Now that I am a motor officer, I really enjoy educating the public in traffic and public safety. No one enjoys receiving a traffic citation or being involved in a traffic collision but if I can help prevent a serious or tragic traffic collision by issuing citations, removing drunk drivers from the road and informing the citizens of Thousand Oaks about traffic and public safety, I know I have made a difference.







Senior Deputy Peter Seery - Bomb Unit & Special Enforcement Detail

Seery, Peter
I wanted a job that was exciting, challenging, and rewarding. After serving seven years in the United States Marine Corps, I also wanted to continue public service. Being a Deputy Sheriff has fulfilled all of my objectives plus some.

It almost seems like every few years, we have the opportunity to start over with a new job, which keeps the job interesting. Plus, due to the large size of the department, the promotional opportunities are outstanding.





Deputy Randy Skaggs - Gang Unit

Skaggs, Randy
When choosing this profession, I knew that I would not be rich man monetarily, but I knew I would be a rich man in the satisfaction of knowing at the end of each day and at the end of my career that I could say without a doubt that I made a difference.

I was very impressed in the pride these Deputies took in their department. I knew I wanted to work for a large department, but also work for a department where command staff still knew you by name.





Sr. Deputy Matthew Young - Patrol & Swat

Young, Matt
I was interested in helping keep Ventura County a safe place to live. I also wanted to carry on a long family history of law enforcement service.

I currently am assigned to work patrol in Fillmore. I like the fact that every patrol shift is different from the one the day before. I enjoy meeting the residents of Fillmore and building a relationship with them.