News Stories


Date Time Description
06/16/201716:00Weather Advisory from the Ojai Police Department
06/16/201715:30Social Host Ordinance
06/16/201715:30Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
06/16/201715:00Narcotics Arrest / Firearms Seizure
06/16/201714:00Gang Investigation / Multi-location search warrant
06/15/201720:00Arrest for Grand Theft of Avocados
06/15/201719:00Armed Robbery - Attempt to Identify Robbery Suspect
06/14/201718:15DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
06/13/201718:30Extradition of Sex Assault Suspect
06/08/201713:00Tobacco Decoy Sting Operation
06/07/201715:00DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
06/06/201718:00Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
06/06/201717:00Awarded Off-Highway Vehicle Grant
06/06/201716:15Summer Swimming and Pool Safety Tips
06/06/201715:00It's Adoption Time
06/05/201715:00Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
06/05/201715:00Probation Searches / Ojai Valley
06/05/201712:00Plane Crash Kills Two Near Moorpark
06/03/201712:30Arrest Made After a Road Rage Incident
06/02/201717:00Donation to the Ventura County Sheriff's Foundation
06/01/201711:00DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
05/31/201722:00Narcotics Trafficking Organization / Arrest
05/31/201713:27Ojai - Identify Persons of Interest in Purse Theft
05/30/201716:35Ojai - Attempt to Identify Burglary Suspect
05/24/201717:00Arrests Made in CVS Pharmacy Robberies
05/23/201716:45Ojai - Residential Burglary Arrest
05/22/201711:36Camarillo - Credit Card Skimmer Alert
05/19/201717:09Santa Paula/Oxnard Narcotics Trafficking Organization / Arrest
05/17/201717:11Narcotics Trafficking Organization / Arrests
05/17/201700:00Camarillo - Attempt to Identify Robbery Suspect
05/16/201714:36Oak Park Residential Burglary
05/16/201714:33Ojai - Detectives Seek Help Identifying Burglary Suspect
05/16/201714:30Thousand Oaks Gas Station Burglary - Help to Identify
05/16/201707:05Thousand Oaks DUI Checkpoint Results
05/15/201717:30Motorcycle Safety Enforcement
05/15/201717:30Bicycle Safety Month
05/15/201717:00Burglary from a Business / Attempt to Identify
05/15/201715:30Multiple Commercial Burglaries - Arrests
05/13/201712:00Fatal Traffic Collision
05/10/201717:30Tobacco Decoy Sting Operation
05/06/201713:19Thousand Oaks - Vehicle Tampering Arrest
05/05/201719:25Fillmore Station - Stolen Vehicle Pursuit
05/04/201717:11Narcotics Unit - Narcotics Arrest / Firearm Seizure
05/04/201714:52Ojai - Probation Searches and Arrests
05/03/201717:49Pharmaceutical Crimes Narcotics/Firearms Arrest
05/02/201718:00Motorcycle Safety Enforcement
05/02/201716:00Ojai - Probation Searches
05/02/201713:00Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint - Thousand Oaks
04/30/201719:00Illegal Possession of Firearm Arrest
04/28/201717:00Ventura County Jail Inmates Released to Immigration and Customs Enforcement
04/27/201719:00Arrest of Sex Assault Suspect / Sex Registrant
04/27/201708:00Thousand Oaks Police Department Celebrates Volunteers During National Volunteer Week
04/26/201720:00Stalking Suspect Arrested
04/26/201720:00Start Smart Teen Driver Education Class Offered by Thousand Oaks Police Department
04/26/201719:30Narcotics Arrest / Firearms Seizure
04/26/201719:00Home Invasion Robbery
04/26/201718:00Work at Home Scams Don't Pay
04/26/201717:00Narcotics Arrest / Firearm Seizure
04/22/201720:00Significant Methamphetamine Seizure
04/21/201719:00Tory Burch Store Robbery
04/21/201715:00Ventura County Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony
04/20/201714:26Detectives Seek Help Identifying CLU Vehicle Burglar
04/20/201713:00Defend, Delete, and Disconnect: Ways to Protect Yourself from Scammers
04/19/201717:00National Prescription Drug Take-Back Initiative Event
04/19/201714:00Rumors of Attempted Child Abductions
04/18/201718:45Update to Investigation of Santa Paula OIS
04/17/201719:00Residential Burglary Arrests
04/15/201710:00Poisoning / Narcotic Arrest
04/14/201717:00Request for Public Assistance in Vehicle Burglary Suspect Identification
04/14/201717:00Arrest of Attempted Robbery Suspects
04/14/201717:00Neighborhood Watch Program
04/10/201723:57Oxnard Resident Arrested for Narcotics & Firearms Charges
04/10/201714:51Thousand Oaks - DUI/Driver's Licence Checkpoint Results
04/10/201708:09National Telecommunications Week
04/07/201715:15Camarillo - Homicide Investigation
04/06/201718:08Camarillo - Firearm/Narcotics Arrest
04/06/201718:02Oxnard Narcotics Arrest
04/04/201715:00Academy Class 2016-2 Graduation
04/04/201715:00Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
03/31/201719:15Ojai - Suspect Arrested on Weapons Charges on Two Separate Occasions
03/31/201716:56April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month - Extra Patrols
03/31/201716:22Thousand Oaks - Fatal Traffic Collision
03/30/201719:25Ojai - Suspect Arrested for Vehicle Theft
03/29/201720:24Arrests of Retail Burglary Crew
03/29/201715:18Todd Road Jail - Narcotics & Weapons Seizure/Arrests
03/29/201713:02Suspect Identification Sought in CVS Pharmacy Robberies
03/27/201717:032017 Public Safety Dispatcher of the Year
03/24/201712:32Camarillo - Illegal Possession of Firearm Arrest
03/22/201717:28Thousand Oaks - Scam Hotline Launched
03/21/201713:00DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
03/20/201723:13East County Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
03/16/201716:17Thousand Oaks - March 18th DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint
03/16/201714:57St. Patrick's Day Weekend Enforcement
03/13/201715:00Thousand Oaks Police Department and Fire Department ''Coffee with the Chiefs'' Community Outreach Program
03/10/201720:48Lockwood Valley Sheriff's Station Seeks Off-Highway Vehicle Grant
03/07/201720:00DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
03/07/201720:00Heroin Overdose Resulting in Death Leads to Arrests
03/03/201716:00Pedestrian Safety Enforcement
03/02/201711:02City of Camarillo - Planned DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint
03/02/201708:19CIT Officer of the Year