News Stories


Date Time Description
12/12/201717:00Burglary at Fillmore Middle School
12/12/201716:00Start Smart / Thousand Oaks
12/12/201712:30Contractor Facilitates Burglary of Client's Home / Request for Help Identifying Third Suspect
12/11/201711:30Winter Holiday DUI Campaign
12/02/201710:15Felony Suspect Arrested after Foot Chase
12/01/201717:30Two men arrested in connection with Newbury Park homicide
11/30/201717:00Electrical Breaker Burglary
11/29/201719:00Town Hall Meeting
11/29/201711:00Resisting Arrest Causing Injuries to Deputies
11/28/201718:00Narcotics Arrest
11/28/201717:10Sheriff's Office to Kick Off Annual 'Share-iffs' Toy Drive
11/28/201716:30Recent Catalytic Converter Thefts
11/24/201722:30Drugs and Firearms Arrests
11/22/201722:00Robbers Arrested
11/22/201715:30Stolen firearm from Oak Park residential burglary located
11/21/201717:20Attempt to Identify Shoplifter
11/17/201708:00Arrest of Forgery Suspect
11/16/201715:00Mental Health First Aid Course
11/11/201716:30Narcotics Arrest
11/08/201718:15Arrest for Armed Robbery and Sexual Assault
11/08/201714:00Residential burglary suspect captured on home video arrested in Ventura
11/08/201714:00Suspect Arrested for Sexual Battery
11/07/201712:45Stolen Vehicle Pursuit
11/03/201718:15Illegal Firearms Manufacturing Arrest
11/03/201718:00Illegal Firearm Possession Arrest
10/31/201717:30Fraudelent Prescription Conspiracy Arrests
10/31/201717:15Attempt to Identify Forgery Suspect
10/31/201717:15Domestic Violence Arrest
10/30/201717:00Filllmore Citizen Patrol
10/30/201711:00DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
10/27/201723:00National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
10/27/201717:00Ventura County Sheriff's Office Receives Grant for Special Traffic Enforcement and Crash Prevention
10/26/201715:30Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
10/20/201718:15Narcotics Arrest
10/19/201718:30Pharmacy Burglary Arrests
10/19/201717:30Attempt to Identify Robbery Suspect
10/17/201713:00Arrest of Theft Suspect
10/16/201720:30The Parent Project
10/16/201720:30Camarillo Police Officer Halloween Safety Tips
10/16/201715:00Mental Health First Aid Course
10/12/201718:302017 Illicit Marijuan Cultivation Eradications
10/12/201718:00Arrest of Commercial Burglary Suspect
10/12/201717:30Sheriff's Deputies Participating in Tip-A-Cop Event for Special Olympics
10/12/201711:45Camarillo 7-11 Robbery Suspects Arrested
10/11/201718:00Brave young victims come forward to help catch prolific child pornographer
10/09/201717:30Arrest of Burglary Suspect
10/05/201720:00Detectives are Investigating Two Indecent Exposure Crimes / Seek the Public's Help
10/05/201718:00Stolen Vehicle / Assault on a Police Officer Arrests
10/03/201716:30Academy Class 2017-1 Graduation
10/03/201710:30Reported Kidnap Attempt / Request for Information
10/01/201719:00Arrest of Residential Burglar and Vehicle Theft Suspect
09/29/201715:00Arrest of Identity Theft / Forgery Suspect
09/28/201709:00Arrest of Former Maid Committing Burglaries
09/27/201716:00Police Department Offers ''Start Smart'' Driving Program for Young Adult Drivers
09/27/201715:50Piru Double Homicide (Updated Information)
09/26/201716:007-Eleven Robbery
09/26/201715:00Man and Woman Found Murdered Inside Piru Home
09/25/201716:00Attempt Murder Suspect Arrested
09/25/201716:00Suspect Arrested for Contacting a Minor to Commit a Sexual Offense
09/21/201712:45Hit & Run Trafffic Collision with Injuries
09/19/201713:30DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
09/15/201710:00Arrest of Burglary Suspects
09/14/201717:30DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
09/14/201710:15Arrest of Suspects for Felony Fraud Pertaining to Sale of Vehicles
09/13/201721:15Identity Theft / Forgery Suspect Arrested
09/13/201717:15Attempt to Idenify Prolific Burglary Suspect
09/12/201718:15Sexual Battery on a Juvenile
09/12/201713:00Arrest of Indecent Exposure suspect
09/11/201720:30DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
09/11/201716:45Prescription / Rx Collection Results @ Leisure Village
09/10/201716:00Arson Suspect Arrested
09/08/201723:00Felony Vandalism / Attempt to Identify
09/07/201717:00Sheriff's Deputies Participating in Tip-A-Cop Event for Special Olympics
09/07/201717:00Sheriff's Deputies participating in Tip-A-Cop event for Special Olympics
09/06/201714:30Narcotics Arrest
09/06/201714:30Prescription / Rx Collection @Leisure Village
09/05/201715:20Identity Theft Arrest
09/05/201709:10Attempted murder during a domestic incident
09/03/201719:00Attempted residential burglary arrest
09/02/201721:00Arrest of stabbing suspect
09/01/201722:00Armed Bank Robbery
09/01/201715:30Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
08/31/201723:3015 Year old Juvenile Arrested for Hot Prowl Residential Burglary
08/31/201717:00Stolen Vehicle / Narcotics Arrests
08/30/201719:30Bear cub relocated into the Los Padres National Forest
08/29/201716:00Arrest of Residential Burglary Suspect
08/29/201715:00Ojai Citizen's Academy
08/28/201718:45Child Annoying
08/25/201717:00Narcotics arrest / large narcotics seizure
08/25/201716:30Lost cell phone leads to arrest of serial burglar
08/25/201716:10Third Suspect Arrested for Drug Related Home Invasion Robbery
08/24/201716:00Sheriff's Office Welcoms New Dogs for their R.U.F.F. Road
08/24/201714:30Hit and Run Collision / Camarillo
08/23/201717:30Start Smart Program Offered for Young Adult Drivers
08/23/201717:30Arrest of suspect for multiple counts of ID theft
08/22/201717:00Arrest of Fillmore gang members
08/22/201712:30Back to School Safety
08/21/201715:15Multiple People Arrested for Smuggling Drugs into Jail
08/18/201717:10Narcotics Arrest