News Stories


Date Time Description
05/24/201616:08Camarillo Area - Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
05/24/201615:47Thousand Oaks Police - DUI Court Stakeout Operation
05/24/201613:14Thousand Oaks - Attempt to Identify Bank Robbery Suspect
05/22/201622:00Gunshot Victim
05/20/201616:00Seat Belt Enforcement Campaign
05/18/201614:30Start Smart Program / Camarillo
05/17/201615:00Indecent Exposure / Child Annoying
05/17/201614:30Start Smart / Thousand Oaks
05/16/201610:00Thousand Oaks Police Department ''Coffee with the Chief'' Community Outreach Program
05/13/201615:00Vandalism to Sheiff Patrol Vehicles and Arrest
05/11/201616:00Prescription / Rx Collectin Results @ Leisure Village
05/11/201615:00Vandal Taunting Police Arrested
05/09/201611:00Armed Robbery / Cisco's
05/08/201603:00DUI and Driver's License Checkpoint
05/06/201614:15Camarillo Men Arrested for Narcotic Violations Following Suspected Overdose Death
05/05/201618:29Residents Warned About IRS Phone Scam
05/05/201615:00DUI / Drivers License Checkpoint
05/04/201613:00Prescription / Rx Collection @ Leisure Village
05/03/201615:00Ventura County Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony
05/03/201615:00Youth Mental Health First Aid Course
05/02/201614:00Police K9 Tracks Down Robbery Suspect
05/02/201613:00Craigslist Drug Dealer Arrested in Simi Valley
05/01/201610:00DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
04/29/201615:00Inmate Death
04/29/201615:00Inmates Arrested for Gang Related Battery
04/29/201615:00Narcotics Investigation / Arrests
04/28/201613:00Inmate Assaults Deputy / Charges Filed
04/27/201615:00E-Commerce Safety and Child Exchange Zone Created
04/27/201613:00Heroin Dealer Arrested for Manslaughter
04/27/201609:00IRS Phone Scam Warning
04/26/201613:00Narcotics / Stolen Property Arrests
04/26/201613:00DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
04/26/201613:00Variety of Narcotics Seized - Arrest Made
04/26/201608:30Child Molestation Arrest
04/25/201621:07Traffic Collision Near Thousand Oaks Elementary School
04/25/201615:59Camarillo Police To Host Adult Mental Health First Aid Course
04/22/201620:12DUI Warrant Sweep Nets One Arrest
04/22/201615:32Sheriff Gang Investigators and Ventura Police Make Significant Narcotic Seizure and Arrest
04/22/201613:28Ojai Detectives Seek Public's Help Identifying Bicycle Thief
04/20/201615:18Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit & District Attorney File Charges Against Doctor
04/19/201608:00Thousand Oaks POlice and Fire Departments ''Coffee with the Chiefs'' Community Outreach Program
04/16/201621:00DUI / Drivers License Checkpoint
04/15/201615:05Narcotics Investigators Arrest Three Following Lengthy Investigation
04/14/201619:38Ojai Detectives Attempt to Identify Burglary Suspects
04/14/201610:00Moorpark Police Department to Utilize ''Nextdoor'' Neighborhood Watch
04/12/201619:32Suspects Identified in Oakview Residential Burglary
04/12/201619:30Moorpark Police Plan DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint For April 16th
04/12/201613:15Attempt Robbery / Shots Fired
04/11/201618:19Ojai Investigators Seek Information in Hit & Run
04/10/201621:30Traffic Collision Fatality
04/08/201612:352016 Public Safety Dispatcher of the Year - Jeremy Kieffer
04/08/201612:04National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, April 10-16th
04/08/201612:01Camarillo Police Start Smart Program Begins May 6th
04/05/201615:35Academy Class 2015-2 Set to Graduate April 8th
04/05/201614:41Thousand Oaks - Accidental Explosion Results in Death
04/04/201613:18Thousand Oaks Start Smart Program - Begins April 14th
04/04/201610:33Arrests Made in Recent School Burglaries
03/31/201610:00Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign
03/31/201610:00Investing in Moorpark's Youth
03/30/201613:45Criminal Threats Arrest
03/29/201620:00Heroin Dealer Arreted for Manslaughter
03/29/201619:46Injury Traffic Accident (Hit & Run)
03/28/201617:20Kidnap / Attempt Rape Arrest
03/28/201608:30Attempted Murder Conviction - 36 years to life sentence
03/27/201622:08Traffic Collision Fatality
03/24/201614:34City of Moorpark Gets New Chief of Police
03/24/201614:34New Chief of Police in the City of Moorpark
03/22/201613:38Residential Burglary Suspect Arrested
03/22/201611:28Gala Event
03/21/201612:05DUI and Driver's License Checkpoint
03/16/201622:31Assault on Thousand Oaks Police Officer
03/16/201620:13Thousand Oaks Police & Fire Departments ''Coffee with the Chiefs''
03/16/201612:37Suspect Arrested in 2014 Moorpark Jewelry Store Robbery
03/15/201617:02Public's Assistance Requested in Identifying Burglary Suspects
03/15/201613:06Investigation Leads to Arrests in Multiple Commercial Burglaries in Moorpark and Camarillo
03/12/201609:38Jail Inmate Sentenced to 14 Years for Crime in Jail
03/09/201610:04DUI / Drivers License Checkpoint
03/09/201610:03St Patrick's Day DUI Enforcement
03/04/201616:49Found Child / Two Arrested for Child Endangerment
03/04/201611:58Inevest in a Child's Future, Donate a Sleeping Bag
03/03/201618:21Inmate Assault on a Deputy Sheriff / Charges Filed
03/03/201613:01Sexual Assault Arrest
03/03/201612:45Off-Highway Vehicle Grant
03/02/201619:37Inmate Death
03/01/201616:29Pedestrian Safety Enforcement
02/29/201608:50Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
02/26/201615:48Injury Traffic Collision
02/26/201614:02Prostitution Arrests
02/26/201612:29Camarillo Police Department Creates Partnership with the Ventura County Office of Education for a Student Citizen Academy
02/25/201615:25Vehicle Burglary Crime Spree / Arrests
02/19/201619:11Investigators Arrest Two for Possession of Narcotics and Stolen Property
02/17/201619:46Heroin Dealer Arrested for Manslaughter
02/17/201611:31DNA Evidence Leads to Commercial Burglary Arrest
02/17/201610:22Uniformed Crime Reports (UCR) Crime Statistics
02/13/201611:20National Phone Scam Investigation
02/11/201619:48DUI / Drivers License Checkpoint
02/10/201618:15Military Gear Stolen from Veterans
02/07/201615:02Overdue Hiker's Safe Return
02/06/201610:38Tell A Friend About the Super Bowl DUI Enforcement Patrol in the Moorpark Area
02/04/201612:08Thousand Oaks Police and Fire Departments ''Coffee with the Chiefs'' Community Outreach Program