News Stories


Date Time Description
02/04/201612:08Thousand Oaks Police and Fire Departments ''Coffee with the Chiefs'' Community Outreach Program
02/03/201616:56Suspect Arrested in Criminal Threats Case After Threatening a Shooting
02/03/201611:36Identity Theft Suspect Arrested
02/02/201617:41Youth Mental Health First Aid Course
02/02/201617:40Pharmaceutical Collections for the year 2015
02/01/201618:25Identity Theft Arrest
01/31/201613:25DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
01/30/201609:00Organized Purse Thieves
01/30/201609:00Burglary of Fillmore's Girls Softball/T-Ball League Equipment
01/29/201621:48Narcotic Search Warrant - 9 Arrested
01/29/201619:05Arrest Warrants Served
01/29/201613:00Identity Theft
01/29/201612:21Mail Theft / Identity Theft /Arrest
01/28/201618:56Narcotics Arrest
01/28/201615:45Inmate Death
01/28/201612:25DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
01/27/201608:12Commercial Burglary
01/26/201619:33Public Helps Officials Locate and Arrest Local Sex Offenders for Failing to Comply with Registration Requirements
01/26/201617:47Grand Theft Arrest
01/26/201613:35Start Smart Teen Safety Program
01/25/201618:34Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
01/25/201618:32Inmate Death
01/24/201609:27Traffic Collision Fatality
01/22/201612:23Injury Hit and Run Traffic Collision
01/21/201619:31Prostitution Arrest / Residential Brothel
01/21/201616:51Theft from Vehicles / Vehicle Burglaries
01/20/201616:55Oak Park High School Burglary Suspect Arrested
01/18/201619:59Burglary / Possession of Stolen Property
01/17/201614:57Missing Juvenile Found After 14 Hour Search
01/17/201611:59At Risk Missing Juvenile
01/15/201621:37Two Suspects Arrested for Grand Theft of a Vehicle
01/13/201616:44Prescription Drug Database Inquiry Leads to Doctor Shopping Arrest
01/12/201615:44The Parent Project - Are Your Kids Reaching their Growth Potential?
01/12/201615:31Sheriff's K-9 Unit Saves life of Suicidal Person
01/12/201609:45Burglary / Arrest
01/11/201613:47Heroin Dealer Convicted
01/10/201621:22Ongoing Search Efforts for Missing Person Dona Perry
01/07/201616:03DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
01/07/201615:58Law Enforcement needs your help locating a missing person, who may be at risk
01/05/201613:36Arrest of Planned Parenthood Arson Suspect
12/31/201513:08Three Teens Arrested for Burglary and Possession of Stolen Property
12/30/201522:14Traffic Collision / DUI Arrest
12/30/201522:14Injury Traffic Collision
12/30/201512:58Suspect Arrested from Armed Robbery at Shell Gas Station
12/28/201509:56Gross Negligent Discharge of a Firearm
12/26/201509:12Technical Search & Rescue at La Jolla Canyon
12/23/201520:06Armed Robbery at Shell Gas Station
12/20/201513:05DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
12/18/201519:40Domestic Violence Arrest
12/18/201516:50Arrest Made in Fillmore Homicide
12/18/201513:04Missing Person
12/17/201520:31Motorcyclist Involved in Fatal Traffic Collision After Failing to Yield
12/17/201520:04Thousand Oaks Police Plan DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint December 19th
12/17/201516:53Identification Made in Officer Involved Shooting
12/16/201521:04Camarillo - Officer Involved Shooting
12/15/201518:08Camarillo Traffic Bureau DUI Saturation Patrols During Holidays
12/15/201518:06Attempt Murder Suspect Arrested After Stabbing Victim in Moving Vehicle
12/15/201508:41Threat Against Los Angeles Area Schools
12/12/201512:10Narcotics Seizure / Arrest
12/12/201512:05Possession of Narcotics for Sale / Arrest
12/11/201518:35Injury Hit and Run Traffic Collision
12/10/201507:05Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operation Planned for Moorpark
12/09/201512:15Holiday Package Theft Advisory
12/09/201509:10Threat Suspect Identified and Arrested
12/08/201518:35The National ''Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over'' Enforcement Campaign
12/06/201521:30Attempted Murder Arrest
12/04/201519:50Thousand Oaks Robbery Suspects Arrested
12/01/201519:00LiveScan Now Offered at Thousand Oaks Police Department
12/01/201517:45Improving Motorcycle Safety Aim of Moorpark Police Department Operations
12/01/201515:50Hot Prowl / Residential Burglary
12/01/201512:00Camarillo Police Department's Citizen Academy
11/30/201519:10Holiday Mail and Package Thefts
11/30/201516:05Fillmore Bicycle and Skateboard Safety Rodeo
11/29/201520:50Serious Injury Traffic Collision
11/25/201517:05Fatal Traffic Collision
11/23/201516:30Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
11/23/201516:25Theft of Advertisement Signs
11/20/201519:00Oak Park High School Burglary
11/19/201509:20Sheriff's Office to Kick Off 30th Annual 'Share-iffs' Toy Drive
11/18/201523:00Shop with a Cop
11/18/201523:00Bomb Threat Suspect Identified and Charged
11/17/201519:00Solo Motorcycle Collision with Major Injuries
11/17/201502:00Start Smart Program
11/16/201519:25Todd Road Jail to Assist in Building Sandbags for El Nino
11/15/201516:40Narcotics / Weapons-related Arrests
11/13/201513:05Narcotics Seizure / Arrest
11/13/201511:20Commercial Burglary Suspect Arrested
11/10/201518:01Moorpark Police Department Addresses Distracted Driving Dangers
11/10/201518:00Holiday Safety Tips
11/10/201517:58Moorpark Police Offers Holiday Safety Tips
11/10/201516:41Thousand Oaks Narcotics Seizure and Arrest
11/09/201516:19Thousand Oaks Police Department Citizen Academy Begins January
11/06/201519:20Arson Arrests
11/05/201515:00Ventura County Sheriff's Office Receives Grant for Drug Recognition
11/04/201514:15Freeway Sign Dedication Ceremony
11/03/201514:45Increase In Thefts From Vehicles
11/03/201514:40Robbery Suspect Arrested
11/01/201513:05Search Warrant Served At Oxnard Physician's Office
10/30/201516:30Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Enhanced Enforcement Patrols