News Stories


Date Time Description
09/12/201818:00Inmate Death
09/12/201812:30Moorpark - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
09/11/201820:30DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
09/11/201820:30Thousand Oaks- Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Planned
09/10/201812:00Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
09/07/201810:002018 At Your Service Day
09/06/201810:00Thousand Oaks - September Traffic Safety Awareness - Child Passenger Safety
09/05/201812:00Camarillo - Pedestrian Safety Month
09/05/201810:00Moorpark - Motorcycle Safety Enforcement
09/04/201815:00Lost Hiker Rescued Near Mt. Pinos
09/04/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
08/31/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Man Arrested for Vandalizing Car With Urine
08/29/201817:00Camarillo - Telephon Scams
08/29/201817:00Narcotics Arrest / Firearms Seizure
08/28/201816:30DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
08/27/201818:00Ojai Transient Assaults Victim
08/27/201818:00Ojai Transient Assaults Victim
08/27/201810:30Gang Member Arrested
08/25/201810:00Fillmore - Narcotics Arrest
08/25/201810:00Ventura - Narcotics Arest
08/23/201818:30Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
08/23/201817:30Camarillo - Senior Citizen Driver Education Class
08/22/201818:00Camarillo - Back to School Safety
08/21/201817:30Thousand Oaks - DUI Checkpoint
08/21/201811:30Child Predator Sentenced
08/20/201820:00Thousand Oaks - ORT Crew that targed Apples Stores Arrested
08/20/201814:00Residential Burglars Arrested
08/20/201812:00Gang Related Stabbing Arrest
08/20/201812:00Ojai - Juvenile Arrested for Starting a Vegetation Fire
08/20/201812:00Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
08/17/201820:00Thousand Oaks - ADW Suspect Arrested
08/15/201815:00Camarillo - Start Smart
08/15/201815:00Camarillo - DUI National Summer Mobilization Campaign
08/14/201817:30Mexico Based Heroin Distribution Network Dismantled
08/14/201816:00Gang Related Assault and Brandishing
08/14/201815:30Camarillo - Murder Suspect Arrested
08/11/201819:30Camarillo - Identity Theft Arrest
08/11/201816:30Thousand Oaks - Firearms and Narcotics Arrest
08/10/201813:00Thousand Oaks - Home Invasion Robbery Arrest
08/09/201816:30Ojai - Man Leads Deputy in a Vehicle Pursuit
08/08/201814:20Saticoy - Victim Stabbed
08/04/201809:00Narcotics Arrest
08/02/201818:15Camarillo - Police Night Out
08/02/201811:30Woman arrested for Arson
08/01/201815:00Thousand Oaks - Gang Members Arrested for Home Burglaries
08/01/201814:00Ojai - Coffee With the Chief
07/31/201814:00Fillmore - Two Juveniles Arrested After Crime Spree
07/30/201810:00Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
07/27/201814:00Canoga Park - Suspects Arrested for Sales of Narcotics in Ventura County
07/26/201814:00Camarillo - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
07/26/201813:00Camarillo - Sex Offender Arrested for Targeting Teen for Sex
07/23/201810:00Thousand Oaks - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
07/19/201814:00Oak Park - Vehicle Burglary Suspect Arrested
07/19/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Traffic Safety Awareness - Back to School Safety
07/18/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
07/18/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Start Smart Program Offered for Young Adult Drivers
07/17/201811:00Thousand Oaks - Two Suspects Arrested for Robbery at Retail Store
07/17/201808:00Thousand Oaks - Gang Members Arrested
07/16/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Planned
07/16/201812:00Camarillo - Fatal Traffic Collision
07/16/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Sex Registrant Compliance Sweep
07/13/201812:00Oak Park - Suspect Arrested for Making Threats to Oak Park School District
07/11/201813:00Todd Road Jail - Suspects Arrested for Smuggling Narcotics Into County Jail
07/10/201811:00Thousand Oaks - Vehicle / Identity Thieves Arrested
07/09/201811:00Thousand Oaks - Organized Retail Theft Crew Arrested
07/09/201810:00Thousand Oaks - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Results
07/06/201810:00Sexual Predator Arrested After Targeting Runaways
07/05/201813:00Thousand Oaks - Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
07/04/201813:00Ventura - Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
07/04/201810:00Port Hueneme - Narcotics / Weapons Arrest
07/03/201810:00Los Padres National Forest - Stranded Motorcyclist Rescued
07/01/201811:00Camarillo - Negligent Discharge of a Firearm
07/01/201810:00Camarillo - Felony Child Endangerment Arrest
06/29/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Overdose Investigation / Narcotics Arrest
06/29/201813:00Fillmore - Illegal Fireworks Arrest
06/29/201812:00Countywide - Fireworks Safety Reminder
06/29/201810:00Camarillo - Traffic Safety - Independence Day
06/28/201815:30Thousand Oaks man arrested for Fraud / Elder Abuse
06/28/201815:00Arrests in Cockfighting Operation
06/28/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Traffic Awareness - Click It or Ticket
06/26/201815:00Thousand Oaks - Robbery Suspect Arrested in San Bernardino County
06/26/201814:00Ojai Valley - Ventura Man Arrested for Sex Crimes at Lake Casitas
06/22/201810:00South Coast - Carjacking / Robbery Investigation Leads to Four Arrests
06/21/201818:30Ojai- Woman Arrested for Arson
06/21/201816:00Camarillo - Vehicle Burglary Arrests
06/21/201815:00Fourth of July Illegal Fireworks Enforcement and Safety
06/21/201810:30Juveniles Responsible for Fillmore Crime Spree
06/21/201810:00Fillmore Narcotics Arrest
06/19/201815:00Child Predator / Fugitive Arrested
06/16/201815:00Drug Manufacturing Lab Dismantled
06/15/201816:30Arrests in Gang Related Robberies
06/14/201815:00Thousand Oaks - Arrest Made in Connection With Overdose Death
06/12/201815:30Simi Valley - Woman Arrested for Fraudulent Prescriptions
06/12/201815:00Thousand Oaks - Juvenile Arrested for Arson at School
06/12/201814:00Thousand Oaks - Stalker Arrested in Front of Victim's Residence
06/12/201812:00Thousand Oaks - Bicycle Shop Burglars Arrested
06/12/201810:00Thousand Oaks - Arson Fire at Elementary School
06/11/201812:00Nyeland Acres - Robbery Suspects Arrested
06/07/201820:00Thousand Oaks - Woman arrested for battering sheriff's deputy
06/05/201814:00Ojai - Explorers to host shred event