News Stories


Date Time Description
10/06/201516:10Negligent Discharge of a Firearm, Suspect Arrested
10/06/201514:55Academy Graduation
10/06/201507:55Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested in Camarillo
10/02/201515:00Fraudlently Obtained Vehicles
10/01/201514:40Gas Station Robbery
10/01/201514:40Arson of a Structure
09/30/201517:40Stabbing Suspect Arrested
09/28/201516:05Parental Abduction
09/24/201517:50Theft from Vehicle Suspect arrested in Thousand Oaks
09/24/201517:45Deputies Make Arrest During In-progress Vehicle Burglary
09/21/201518:35290 Compliance Checks
09/21/201516:20Human Remains Found in Santa Clara River Bottom
09/20/201510:40Robbery Suspect Arrested
09/18/201509:30Burglary Suspect Arrested in Thousand Oaks
09/17/201511:35Burglary Suspect Arrested
09/16/201521:30Tsunami Advisory Issued for Ventura County Coastline
09/16/201520:45Convenience Store Robberies
09/16/201519:10Suspect Arrested on Domestic Violence Related Charges
09/16/201519:00IRS Phone Scam Involving Law Enforcement
09/16/201516:30Tragic Death of Off-Duty Sheriff's Sergeant
09/15/201517:55Coffee with the Chiefs
09/15/201513:10National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day
09/15/201512:42Suspect Arrested for Burglaries Across Ventura County
09/15/201512:40Deputies Arrest Suspect Wanted for Burglaries Across Ventura County
09/09/201520:40Home Invasion Robbery
09/08/201518:20Thousand Oaks and Moorpark Police Departments are Accepting Old Flags for Destruction
09/08/201513:45Thousand Oaks parent Project Program
09/06/201508:05DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
09/04/201516:35Camarillo Heroin Overdose Leads to Five Arrests
09/03/201513:50Los Angeles Man Arrested for Ventura County Prescription Forgery
09/03/201513:30Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
09/02/201514:30Arrest Made in 1991 Murder
09/02/201508:20Six Month 2015 Uniform Crime Report Statistics
09/01/201519:00DUI Court Operation
09/01/201510:45Follow up to Camarillo Stabbing News Story
08/31/201518:45Stabbing Altercation
08/30/201519:00Saticoy Shooting Suspect Arrested
08/28/201515:25Gang Related Battery and Brandishing of Firearm
08/27/201514:55Reported Stabbing (Moorpark)
08/27/201512:25Motorcycle Safety Enforcement Operation
08/27/201512:20Bicycle Safety Enforcement Operation
08/26/201508:15El Rio Shooting Suspect Arrested
08/25/201508:15Fatal Hit and Run Traffic Collision Involving a Pedestrian
08/25/201508:10Fatal Collision / Vehicle vs Pedestrian
08/23/201510:40DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
08/21/201504:45Thousand Oaks Police and Fire Departments ''Coffee with the Chiefs''
08/20/201520:05Camarillo Parent Project
08/20/201520:00Back to School Safety Camarillo
08/20/201509:10Narcotic Arrests / Butane Honey Oil Laboratory
08/19/201514:15Identity Theft Suspects Arrested
08/19/201513:35Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
08/19/201513:30High Visibility DUI / DUID Enforcement
08/18/201520:30School Bus Safety, Loading and Unloading Children
08/18/201520:25First Day of School in the City of Moorpark
08/18/201519:45Theft from US Postal Service Mailboxes
08/18/201516:30Hospice Nurse Arrested for Narcotics Violations
08/18/201513:30Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
08/15/201510:25Grand Theft Suspects Arrested
08/14/201516:30Commercial Burglary Suspect Caught in the Act
08/14/201515:40Operation Take Back the Pumps
08/13/201510:30Identity Theft
08/12/201520:05Narcotics / Explosives Arrests
08/06/201521:30Possession and Manufacture of Assault Weapons
08/06/201518:00Residential Burglary / Street Terrorism Arrests
08/03/201512:35County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
08/03/201510:10Sheriff’s Office Offers Free Public Safety Alerts Through NIXLE & Twitter Accounts.
08/02/201515:15Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint Results
07/31/201518:10Burglary / Grand Theft / Theft from Vehicles Investigation & Arrest
07/30/201520:20Driver's License/DUI Checkpoint
07/29/201517:35Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested
07/29/201517:30Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested
07/24/201518:55Marijuana Sales to a Juvenile / Marijuana Cultivation Arrests
07/21/201517:30Fatal Traffic Collision (Motorcycle vs Passenger Vehicle)
07/21/201512:25DUI Court Operation
07/20/201517:30Investigators Complete Sex Registrant Compliance ''Sweep''
07/20/201516:45County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Meeting July 25th 10:00am Camarillo Station
07/19/201515:05Animal Cruelty
07/18/201520:20Narcotics Arrests
07/17/201519:35Marijuana Cultivation / Arrests
07/17/201517:15Gunshot Victim Determined to be Self-Inflicted
07/16/201516:00Man Arrested for Practicing Medicine Without a License
07/13/201519:05Public's Help Needed to Identify Oaks Mall Child Annoying Suspect
07/12/201508:40Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
07/09/201508:56Thousand Oaks Traffic Bureau Plan Driver's License/ DUI Checkpoint for July 11th
07/09/201508:54Moorpark Police Conduct Tobacco Sales Compliance Checks
07/09/201508:05Driver's License / DUI Checkpoint
07/09/201508:00Tobacco Decoy Sting Operation
07/06/201515:00Embezzlement Arrest
07/06/201514:00Robbery Suspects Arrested
07/04/201511:35Camarillo - Two Arrested for Heroin Sales at Local Barber Shop
07/04/201511:35Narcotics Arrests
07/01/201519:45Arrests for Theft and Possession of Illegal and Dangerous Fireworks
06/30/201516:30Arrest Made in Fatal Overdose Case
06/29/201518:00Arrest of Child Molest Suspect
06/25/201519:15Arrest of Child Molest Suspect
06/25/201519:10Drive By Shooting - Murder
06/25/201519:00Public's help leads to the arrest of suspect who stole elderly disabled female's wallet
06/25/201503:15Structure Fire / Narcotics Arrests
06/22/201513:00Former Inmate Arrested for Fraudulent Claim
06/22/201512:00Public's help needed to identify theft from an elder suspect