Press Releases


Date Time Description
08/26/201420:45Update on April 2014 Residential Burglary/Sexual Assault in Moorpark
08/26/201416:20Multi-Agency Investigation Leads to Arrests of Infuential Mexican Mafia Members in Organized Crime Ring
08/25/201402:46Pedestrian Injured in Fillmore Traffic Collision
08/23/201417:35Ojai Deputies Arrest Suspect for Assault with a Deadly Weapon
08/22/201419:00Gang Related Stabbing in Thousand Oaks
08/22/201410:25Fillmore Police Department Unused/Expired Prescription Drug Collection a Success at El Dorado Mobile Home Park
08/22/201410:20Sheriff's Search & Rescue Team Headed to Big Sur in Monterey County to Assist in Search for Missing Person
08/21/201409:00''Cops Running for Charity'' (CRFC) Team Traveling to Ireland to Run in Marathon
08/20/201417:15Thouand Oaks Volunteers in Policing Provide Valuable Resources to Deputies and the Community
08/19/201413:25Thousand Oaks DUI/Drivers License Checkpoint Results
08/19/201413:20Camarillo Deputies Locate ''At Risk'' Missing Person
08/19/201401:30Thousand Oaks Police Department Conducts ''Shoulder Tap'' Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement Operation
08/16/201417:15Thousand Oaks Deputies Conduct Parole/Probation Sweeps, 22 Arrests Made
08/15/201414:35Thousand Oaks Police Department Plans for DUI Checkpoint this Weekend
08/14/201419:40Sheriff's Marijuana Eradication Team Seizes Over 800 Marijuana Plants & Arrests Suspect for Cultivation
08/14/201419:35Thousand Oaks Police Department Advises Citizens of Traffic Safety Around Schools
08/14/201417:00Camarillo - Detectives Investigate Suspicious Death
08/14/201415:25Camarillo Police Department Announces Back to School Traffic Safety
08/13/201419:15Thousand Oaks Police Department Offers ''Parent Project'' Course in Spanish & English Beginning 9/18/14
08/10/201422:15Thousand Oaks Deputies Arrest Suspects for Numerous Thefts from Vehicles
08/08/201407:15Suspect Arrested and Charged with Involuntary Manslaughter for Heroin Overdose Death
08/06/201419:00Narcotics Detectives Arrest Suspects for Illegal Marijuana Cultivation in Ojai Area
08/05/201421:05Narcotics Detectives Arrest Suspect for Possession of 2 Pounds of Methamphetamine and Distributing to Ventura County
08/04/201419:30Thousand Oaks Deputies Arrest Three Suspects After Vehicle Pursuit
08/04/201418:00Ventura County Crimestoppers Tip Leads to Arrests of Suspects who were Selling Cocaine to Area Youths
08/01/201407:30Moorpark Police Department Launches ''Operation Life Saver'' Railroad Crossing Enforcement
07/29/201407:45Thousand Oaks Police Department Offers ''Start Smart'' Program 8/13/14 for Newly Licensed and Future Drivers
07/23/201422:15Murder in Unincorporated Area Near Ventura
07/23/201421:15VCSO Participates in Grant Assistance Program Through Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control
07/22/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Police & Fire Chiefs to host Coffee with the Chiefs
07/22/201408:00West County - Deputies Conduct Sex Registrant Compliance Checks
07/18/201408:00Camarillo - Police Department to Host Open House on August 2nd
07/17/201409:00Camarillo - Three Men Arrested for Kidnapping and Battery Causing Serious Bodily Injury
07/17/201408:00Oak Park - Two Men Arrested for Residential Burglary
07/16/201416:00Camarillo - UPDATE - Indecent Exposure Suspect Identified and Arrested
07/10/201409:00Camarillo - Suspect Sought in Indecent Exposure at Outlet Mall
07/10/201408:00Fillmore - Woman Assaulted, Robbed of Her Purse
07/09/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Four Arrested in Gang-Related Stabbing
07/06/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Results of DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
07/05/201408:00Fillmore - Deputy Struck by Vehicle During Assault by Intoxicated Driver
07/03/201412:00Countywide - More Than One Ton of Pharmecueticals Collected in First Half of 2014
07/03/201410:00Thousand Oaks - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Planned for Holiday Weekend
07/02/201412:00Moorpark - Keeping Your Pets Safe During the 4th of July Holiday
06/29/201410:00Ventura - Jail Inmate Dies at Hospital
06/27/201412:00Thousand Oaks - July 4th DUI Task Force
06/27/201410:00Camarillo - Deputies Conduct Tobacco Decoy Sting Operation
06/26/201410:00Camarillo - Suspect Arrested for Committing Lewd Actis With a Child
06/25/201412:00Thousand Oaks - Bank Robbery Suspects Identified and Arrested
06/25/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Vehicle Collides Into Building
06/24/201410:00Camarillo - Man Arrested for Child Annoying
06/24/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Sheriff's Deputies Participating in Tip-A-Cop Event For Special Olympics
06/20/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Heroic Actions by Ventura County Sheriff's Deputy
06/20/201408:00Los Padres National Forest - Search for Missing Hiker Continues
06/18/201408:00Camarillo - UPDATE - Report of Jogger Sexually Assaulted was False
06/16/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Coffee With the Chiefs Coummunity Outreach
06/15/201408:00Thousand Oaks - DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint
06/13/201408:00Camarillo - Juvenile Arrested for Making Threats at High School
06/12/201414:00Oxnard - Three Arrested for Narcotics Violations
06/12/201412:00Thousand Oaks - DUI / License Checkpoint Planned for Weekend
06/12/201410:00Thousand Oaks - Two Arrested for Burglaries and Thefts of Automated Teller Machines
06/12/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Three Arrested for Attempted Murder
06/11/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Sexual Battery Suspect Identified and Arrested
06/10/201410:00Camarillo - Two Men Arrested for Residential Burglary
06/08/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Man Suffers Serious Injuries During Attack
06/07/201408:00Fillmore - Agencies Conduct Sweep for Serious Habitual Offenders
06/06/201410:00Moorpark - Man Injured in Roll Over Traffic Collision
06/06/201410:00Thousand Oaks - Deputies Assaulted During Arrest
06/06/201408:00Fillmore - Resident Startled During Morning Home Burglary
06/05/201410:00Countywide - Suspect Arrested for Multiple Thefts at Area Golf Courses
06/04/201416:00Thousand Oaks - Man Arrested, Firearm Recovered in Burglary Investigation
06/04/201410:00Countywide - Burglary Crew Stopped After Multi-State Crimes Net Millions
06/04/201408:00Encino - Raid of Drug Lab Prompts Hazardous Material Response
06/03/201410:00Countywide - Deputies to Participate With Special Olympics Athletes in Torch Run
06/02/201414:00Countywide - More Arrests Made During Operation Broken Heart
06/02/201413:00Countywide - Sheriff's Office Participates in Nationwide Child Pornography Crackdown
06/02/201412:00Thousand Oaks - Gym Locker Burglary Suspects Arrested
06/02/201408:00Countywide - Voter Registration Forms Available at All Sheriff's Stations
05/30/201412:00Santa Paula - Illegal Firearm and Narcotics Arrests
05/30/201410:00Thousand Oaks - Deputy Injured in Traffic Collision
05/30/201408:00Camarillo - Female Jogger Sexually Assaulted
05/29/201408:00Moorpark - Search Warrants Served on Local Gang, Members Arrested
05/28/201411:00Oxnard - Task Force Arrests Methamphetamine Dealer
05/28/201410:00Thousand Oaks - Task Force Arrests Steroid Dealer
05/28/201408:00Los Padres National Forest - Narcotics Detectives Eradicate Extensive Backcountry Marijuana Crop
05/27/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Community Invited to Have Coffee With the Chiefs
05/27/201408:00Camarillo - Traffic Bureau Offering Senior Citizen Driver's Education Class
05/25/201410:00Thousand Oaks - Traffic Bureau Reports DUI Checkpoint Results
05/24/201418:00Thousand Oaks - Woman Sexually Battered at Movie Theater
05/23/201408:00El Rio - Search Warrant Yields Large Quantity of Methamphetamine
05/22/201414:00Thousand Oaks - Memorial Weekend DUI Enforcement
05/22/201410:00Thousand Oaks - DUI Checkpoint Planned for Memorial Weekend
05/21/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Regional Training on Social Host Laws
05/20/201410:00Thousand Oaks - Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Peeping
05/20/201408:00Countywide - Ventura County Peace Officers Memorial Event
05/19/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Vehicle Burglary Suspect Arrested
05/18/201416:00Unincorporated Ventura - Two Arrested for Arson After Starting Brush Fire
05/16/201417:00Thousand Oaks - Hyatt Hotel Shooting Suspect Arrested
05/16/201412:00Camarillo - Oxnard Man Arrested for Vehicle Burglaries
05/16/201410:00Camarillo - Alcohol Decoy Sting Operation
05/16/201408:00Thousand Oaks - Click It Or Ticket Mobilization Begins