Win Big with Confidence: Safe and Secure Online Gambling in Asia

Safe and Secure Online Gambling in Asia

Online gambling has become a popular pastime for both entertainment and smart wagering. Although it is trending, the need to find safe and secure online gambling in Asia continues on top agendas. Asians are gamblers by habit and it is even a part of most cultures that believe in luck and chance. 

Many countries have struggled to attain regulated gambling status but it can be a high task to achieve. One country that has come a long way is China. It has the largest sports betting population in the world most of which was unregulated for centuries.

However, with the dawn of online betting, the country took steps to curb illegal gambling and established a government monopoly. Even though online gambling remains illegal, the Chinese still play with international websites approved by the government.

As is common in all awaking, Asian governments discovered the monetary value of their markets and took steps to secure it and reap better benefits for their people. This led to a security revolution driven by three common vectors. These include:

  • Greater access to gambling software
  • Improved gaming regulations
  • Expanded Internet coverage through technology

These vectors greatly affect the way gamblers interact with the industry, alluring millions of users to its platforms. 

Greater Access to Gambling Software

Greater Access to Gambling Software

Notably, the industry has revolutionized the way players bet online focusing on content and immersion. During the early phases of its development, gambling software studios focused on two facets – sports betting and casinos.

The ideal online casino offers a wide variety of sports and casino table games, and finding the right one can be tricky, always make sure to check if the platform is licensed and regulated, check accepted payment options, try out free gaming options, and read online reviews, on websites similar to and check out forums, see what people say about them,

One visible innovation started with companies such as Playtech that added skin alternatives or white labeling. This opened the possibility of third-party developers injecting new game graphics and customizations. So, even when the two companies had the same basic betting options, the look and feel were unique. 

Interestingly, online gambling studios delved deeper into the white-label options and created frontend access to a common customizable backend. This allowed each casino to host on unique servers while connected to the same software.

Another angle that pushed accessibility by leaps and bounds came with the integration of new betting options. A new core system separated each gambling facet into independent units. Betting shops could now choose to offer all the options or just a unique type. That is:

  • Complete: Sports betting, horse racing, bingo, poker, and casino  
  • Sportsbook: Sports betting, horse racing and casino
  • Casino: casino games, poker and bingo

Nonetheless, it is easy to get bored in a casino with just five games even if you have a hundred skins. The same goes for sports betting on just the big four. This led to expansion to include world sports and the conversion of popular table games into casino options. Games such as Monopoly and Scrabble soon made their way onto virtual gaming lists.

Improved Gaming Regulations

Improved Gaming Regulations

The gaming industry was not always a safe and secure place to play. With the ease of acquiring betting software, scores of new betting outfits sprung up all over the web. A great number of these were poorly funded and soon disappeared along with clients’ deposits and winnings.

Chargebacks and lawsuits popped up everywhere. However, due to the small sum of money involved and no governing authorities, nothing changed.

As complaints mounted, governmental organizations and well-funded casinos, moved to protect players and their funds. Local gaming authorities were established by each government and these in turn established regulations that held businesses accountable. The move took off slowly but soon showed a strong impact on the industry.

In addition, watchdog groups such as Trust Pilot and the OSGA, started reviewing online casinos. The review and ratings helped players to recognize credible casinos and avoid scams. One popular website, the Sportsbook Review, graded each gambling site based on its reputation using a ranking system. 

Despite the huge efforts made by these organizations, some illegal websites managed to evade regulations. However, by the early 2000s, these outfits almost disappeared from the Asian gambling industry, flushed out by processing companies and banks.

Asian Gambling Centers 

Asian Gambling Centers 

In the West, Las Vegas is the largest single destination for gamblers. For Asians, Macau is the gaming haven. There are more than thirty billion dollars in annual revenue generated by Macau’s casinos, which is a few times more than Las Vegas casinos. Moreover, Macau does not tax winnings, which makes it a favorite area for serious gamblers.

 One of the newest gambling paradises is the Philippines which created a set of regulations in 2017. Most gambling activities are permitted by the law, such as horse racing, cockfighting, sweepstakes, lotteries, and online gaming casinos. The jurisdiction of the new governing body includes online gaming by foreigners who access the game outside the Philippines.

As far as regulating power, the organism has the authority to prosecute any infringements either by monetary fines or imprisonment. These laws have helped establish credibility and moved beyond the era of illegal gambling.

Expanded Internet Coverage Through Technology

Leading the Asian gambling security revolution is the Indian UPI payment platform. The new payment system processes online gambling transactions using an integrated telephone unit. Both the casinos and gamblers are protected from any possible fraud. The user information, including all financial data, remains encrypted during the transaction and is not transferred to the receiver.

On the other hand, the simultaneous transfer of the processed funds protects the gambling firm. The system is just one of the technological breakthroughs that have improved the safety of the Asian gaming industry.

Nonetheless, Internet gambling has transformed the Asian market into a safe and secure gambling market where local governments are improving regulations. The revolution continues and many more countries are participating, thanks to technology and a virtual global marketplace.

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