Amber Bead Necklaces for Babies: Natural Teething Remedies with Style

Amber bead necklaces have found their space in the trend section in the parenting circle. To the point that many have spoken about and voiced their opinion regarding this necklace and its properties. 

  • They are a 100% natural composition, making organic healing better. It is also a noninvasive technique of teething remedy since all you need to do is keep the beads in direct contact with the baby’s skin. 
  • They are tactile, which means the touchy sensation on the skin will help relieve some stress and happily distract the baby. Known for providing good sleep rather than keeping the baby up for hours due to swollen gum and pain from teething.

We have just spoken about an amber teething necklace’s amazing anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Let’s move toward the science behind it and how to buy one.

The Science Behind Amber Beads

Amber is a matter of natural production. Often extracted from the dried resin of a pine tree after the fossilization is over.

A quick trick to find whether your amber necklace is real or fake is to see burn a bead. There will be a burning earthy pine smell. If you are opposed to burning a new bead, you can always take the bead and rub it on your palm; the same palm notes should be there.

If you smell anything artificial, return the item immediately and get your money back. This is a sign that someone synthetically produced the amber necklace.

I am now, coming back to the science behind it.

Amber is known to produce a substance called succinic acid. This is the main substance that offers functionality to an amber bead. When it comes in contact with any skin, it releases this acid.

This acid has anti-inflammatory properties, which directly target the swollen gums. Helps relieve the pain and irritation.

Yes, it is used mainly in teething necklaces, but you can get amber necklaces as adults as well.

Bead Quality & Size

Bead Quality & Size

The Baltic amber is the highest in quality, and needless to say, they are the most expensive. When looking for necklaces for your baby, try going for amber beads with a smooth finish. If you are interested to learn more, visit this website.

Since a baby’s skin is sensitive, a badly textured bead might do the job but also cause external irritation on the skin.

Many parents preferred smaller beads due to the safety of choking hazards. However, the string size heavily depends on the comfort of your baby.

We would suggest you not go for a bigger string as it can give easier access for the baby to put it in their mouth. But something too tight can also irritate. Therefore, it is better to choose an optimal size.

Or, to ensure more safety, you can tie the beads around the ankles, use a bracelet, or even around the baby’s waist. Safe and stylish at the same time.

Consult A Healthcare Professional

Since these beads do not have much scientific research to back them up, feeling confused or skeptical is not very uncommon. If you are worried about any side effects amber beads might cause your baby, you can talk to a health professional before buying one.

A very crucial step would be for your baby to pass the allergen test. See if they are allergic to amber. This is a one-in-thousand scenario, but when it comes to your baby, you can never be too sure.

Mark Of Authenticity!

Ensure that the necklace is made from genuine Baltic amber, as this type of amber is considered to have the highest succinic acid content. Look for sellers who provide a certificate of authenticity or source their amber from reputable suppliers.

How Are Amber Bead Necklaces Supposed To Work?

Amber bead necklaces for babies are believed to work through a process involving the release of succinic acid. Here’s how proponents of these necklaces explain their supposed mechanism of action:

  • Succinic Acid Release: Baltic amber contains small amounts of succinic acid, a natural compound found in various plant and animal tissues. It is believed that when the amber beads come into contact with the baby’s skin, they warm up due to body heat, which can cause a minuscule amount of succinic acid to be released from the amber.
  • Absorption Through Skin: Proponents claim that succinic acid, once released from the amber beads, is absorbed through the baby’s skin and into the bloodstream. Succinic acid may have analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Teething Discomfort Relief: Advocates suggest that succinic acid could help reduce the inflammation and pain associated with teething. This, in turn, could relieve teething babies and alleviate symptoms such as irritability, drooling, and discomfort.

It’s important to note that while this is the theoretical explanation provided by supporters of amber teething necklaces, there is limited scientific evidence to support these claims. The release of succinic acid from amber beads and its absorption through the skin in meaningful amounts is a subject of debate and skepticism within the medical and scientific communities.

Furthermore, concerns about safety, including choking hazards and strangulation risks, should be taken seriously when considering amber bead necklaces for babies. The potential benefits of using amber necklaces as teething remedies should be carefully weighed against the risks and lack of scientific substantiation.

Parents and caregivers should consult with healthcare professionals before using alternative teething remedies, including amber bead necklaces, to ensure the safety and well-being of their infants.

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Find The Best Amber Necklaces!

Find The Best Amber Necklaces! (1)

Upon checking these marks, you ensure an error-free purchase of an amber necklace. As an adult, you have a strong immunity to deal with psychological mishaps.

Your child is still at a vulnerable stage where exposing them to something harmful can cause bigger issues.

By considering these factors and prioritizing safety, you can choose an amber bead necklace that offers a natural teething remedy with a touch of style for your baby.

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