GPT- 4 vs. Ivy League Writers: Who Crafts Better Essays?

GPT- 4 vs. Ivy League Writers Who Crafts Better Essays

If you enjoy studying, there still can be one type of assignment that you dislike. If you dislike studying, there’s one type of assignment that you hate the most. And generally, there are assignments that most students find the toughest: essays and research papers. 

For many years, paper writing services were the only alternative to struggling with writing assignments on your own. But things have changed over the past couple of years.

There are various reasons why students dislike writing assignments. They tend to check out NoCramming to pick the service to order from because they either find the writing process tedious or simply don’t have enough time to accomplish the task. 

Now, when you need help with writing tasks, you can always opt to use AI-powered tools. Using them, you can get any text within less than a minute. At least, most articles praising AI writing tools promise you that. 

But is everything as easy as it is described in the promotional materials? To figure this out, let’s take a look at GPT-4.

What Is GPT-4, and How It’s Better Than Previous Versions?

At the time of writing, GPT-4 is the latest multimodal large language model by Open AI, which is destined to remain the best version available until the release of its successor. It has more parameters than GPT-3 and is believed to be far better when it comes to creative writing. 

It seems we are about to get our perfect AI writing tool. So, here is what the GPT-4 has to offer its prospective users:

  • Better natural language processing;
  • Improved accuracy;
  • Better decision-making;
  • Increased word limit.

It all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Things could’ve been better if you could gain access to it for free. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

To get access to all the improved features of GPT-4, you need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month. Okay, it’s not insane money, but will it allow you to delegate all of your writing duties to artificial intelligence? The short answer is no. 

While GPT-4 is better than previous versions, you cannot entrust your writing duties to it. Now, let’s get into the details.

Artificial Hallucination

Artificial Hallucination

Just like previous versions and like most AI-powered tools, GPT-4 tends to hallucinate. As it tends to generate text based on prompts, you can ask it to analyze, say, a non-existent article, and it will expand on it. In other words, it tends to use incorrect or non-existent data and present it as correct. It is not the best thing that can happen to your essay. 

Let’s imagine that you need a research paper, and the tool crafts the paper for you with a lot of incorrect information and citing non-existent sources. It may or may not happen, but it means that you need to check the paper thoroughly before submitting it. And finding incorrect information means heavily rewriting the assignment crafted by AI.

Inability to Predict Outcomes

This is not a big issue, as everything depends on the subject of your writing assignment. However, the main problem with GPT-4 is that it relies only on the data that already exists. 

If your essay deals with a prediction of the impact that a particular event may have on our society within the next ten years, and there are no works on it yet, GPT-4 will most likely fail you. 

That’s why you shouldn’t ditch EssayHub reviews, as professional writers can come up with a more or less convincing prediction and utilize supporting evidence. Even when you task GPT-4 with predicting the challenges that natural language processing may face in the next decade, it struggles even though it’s the main focus of all AI-related studies.

Lack of Creative Touch

Lack of Creative Touch

Okay, this aspect gets brought up whenever someone talks about papers crafted by artificial intelligence. Most texts produced by AI end up being generic. There is no nuance to the text. No sense of humor, no irony, no metaphors, except for the most cliched ones. Yet, GPT-4 is presented as the best possible multimodal large language model right now. 

Is It Possible That It Overcomes This Problem?

Yes, it got much better with a sense of humor, but it showcases it properly only when it provides brief answers. Like, ask it why Madonna learned geometry, and it will tell you that she did it to strike the pose in every position. That’s great, indeed, and maybe funny for boomers, but is it of any help when it comes to more lengthy text? Well, it’s not going to provide you with satisfying results.

GPT-4 is capable of generating texts based on facts or data that it considers to be facts. However, if you require an essay with an out-of-the-box view on certain aspects or with a sarcastic approach to the subject, GPT-4 will turn out to be useless. You can take the produced text and add a creative touch to it, but that’s not exactly delegating your duties to artificial intelligence. 

Besides, you will have to rewrite the text, even if you are completely satisfied with it stylistically. Regardless of the GPT version that you’re using, the produced text is going to be flagged by AI detectors

Thus, if you want a submittable text delivered by AI, we’re not there yet. 

Closing Thoughts

GPT- 4 vs. Ivy League Writers Who Crafts Better Essays (1)

So, what do we have in the end? GPT-4 is better than past versions, but it’s far from being perfect. Using it for your writing assignments may turn out even more problematic than writing on your own or ordering from paper writing services. 

The tool may use incorrect data and cite sources that don’t exist. And, in most cases, it will lack the creativity of human writers. Besides, you will have to rewrite any text before submission, as it won’t pass AI detectors. 

Enhance your writing expertise effortlessly before comparing the prowess of GPT-4 and Ivy League writers in crafting compelling essays.

By ordering from essay writing services, you completely delegate your writing duties to professional writers. They can produce fact-based and nuanced essays that you can submit without risking your grades. 

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