Creating Eye-Catching Video Ads: 8 Editing Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Creating Eye-Catching Video Ads 8 Editing Tips & Tricks for Beginners

While we live in a technologically evolved world where video ads can be found across all platforms starting from television through YouTube and social media platforms not everyone is adept at making them. Being exposed to video ads and being able to make one are two different things.

But, if you want to change this, and be able to make a video of this kind yourself you’ve come to the right place. Don’t worry, everyone is a beginner at one point in time in his professional career. That’s why we’re going to share these beginner editing tips and tricks for making eye-catching video ads with you. 

Start With Good Software and Hardware

If you’re serious about putting forth an effort in the world of video editing you need to pay attention to the software and hardware you’ll be using. No ad will be good enough and no amount of editing will not help if you don’t have proper equipment. Even if you don’t have a nice new camera, you at least need to ensure that your smartphone can get the job done.

If you have this part settled in a place that will suit everyone involved you need to pay attention to software. As we said, even as a beginner, if video editing and ad creation is where you see yourself in the future you’ll need quality software such as AdobeExpress

Get Rid of Unusable Footage 

Get Rid of Unusable Footage 

No video ad is perfect from the get-go. That’s why editing is needed in the first place. The best place to start is to see what you have on tape. Usually, your entire footage will have long sections of video that can’t be used for numerous reasons.

Usually, the video quality will be subpar or the audio will not be of good enough quality. So, what you need to do is to cut the footage that will not pass the quality test. Once you do this, you will have plenty of good-quality material to work with to create a nice end product. 

Understand the impact of minimizing video dimensions on overall quality before diving into the realm of crafting captivating video ads with these essential editing tips for beginners.

Focus on Transitions and Effects 

There are so many things one can do with a video. The majority of simple but great tricks hide in the domain of transitions and effects. Behind every smooth scene, there’s an even better transition.

When it comes to video ads they need to be coherent and this is where transitions step in. You need to learn how to apply them the best way in between the clips. When you add the abundance of available effects most videos these days need to have, you can create a great story with your video and appeal to a broader audience.

Keep it Short

When you start video editing, you’ll get lost in all the material that needs to be edited. If you’re the one behind the filmmaking process there’s a chance you’ll get attached to the source material. As an editor, you’ll need to leave all emotions outside. When it comes to the editing process, the best way to apply every tip and trick we’ll provide is to keep things short and simple.

So, as a vital part of the editing process, you’ll need to remove the unusable footage as we already suggested. You will also have to cut down your end product. Don’t be shy when doing this. After all, video ads need to be short and sweet. So, bring your ax. 

Pace it Up

Pace it Up

When you’re making a video, of any type, it needs to be consistent and on pace. The first part you might handle with ease. Even professional video makers and editors have issues with pacing their products. In the end video can move slower and the start and end on a faster note by the end, and that can be fine if you pull it off.

But, the audience hates it when the video is all over the place regarding pace. Many viewers claim they state that the feeling of being uncomfortable arises when the video is out of sync pace-wise. So, resort to cuts, where you’ll be cutting fast scenes for them to have more cuts, while those scenes that are slow pace-wise will have fewer cuts. 

Split Screen

Here you have one of the oldest tricks in the book. Quite a simple yet so effective move that can do wonders for your video. Any video that needs to be way shorter after you remove the unnecessary footage and make the necessary cuts, can be altered by splitting the screen.

When you have footage from different places and places and you want to use them all, you need to split screen and provide the audience with the view you’ve had through one frame. 

Use Music, Text, and Graphics 

Do we even have to tell you this? This is where the video editing experiment begins. Once you start introducing audio aspects to your video you’re elevating your game to another level. With the right audio approach, proper soundtrack, and a few sound effects you can add that bit of magic to your video ad.

If adding sound to your video wasn’t quite enough for you, any video can be moved a few inches forward. It is quite easy to do, especially when you know that you can add text and graphics too. The latter can do wonders for the professional appeal of any video ad. 

Employ Cutaways

Employ Cutaways

You’ve seen cutaways in the majority of films you’ve seen and they can be applied to short videos too. It is the moment when a scene jumps (cuts) from one person or location to another.

This is what editors do when they want to change the pace or the direction of a video. Usually, it is a great way to pay attention to detail, immerse the audience, or simply keep people’s attention. 


There you have it, some of the simplest tricks and tips that can make your life as a video editor much easier. If you apply our advice the right way you won’t be a beginner for too long. So, don’t be afraid, start learning, keep moving forward, apply the new knowledge, and come forth with your latest video ad. It is probably much better than your last one. 

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