How to Get the Best from CBD Oil Pet Drops – Tips and Tricks for Pet Parents

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The primary reason why pet owners use CBD oil drops for their animals is so they can benefit from cannabidiol. Despite the availability of information online, one is always curious whether the product they purchase is the right one. Furthermore, there is uncertainty when it comes to actually feeding the oil to your cats and dogs.

For instance, someone looking for pet CBD drops for cats will be looking for something different from one looking for infused oil drops for dogs. Having as much information as possible before you buy or feed your animal any product is helpful.

Benefits of Using CBD in Pets

A 2019 Frontier in Veterinary Services journal undertook research where 2000 veterinarians offered their opinions on CBD for animals. The results of the study indicated that 61.5% of the veterinarians supported using the infused products for dogs and cats due to their beneficial properties.

This level of professional support has increased the production and sale of CBD pet products. The product diversity allows pet owners to pick products that their furry friends would benefit from the most. The following are some of the significant health and lifestyle benefits.

Reduces the Risks and Frequency of Infections

Though there isn’t abundant proof on the same veterinarians believe CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce and treat certain animal infections. Owners report that dogs and cats suffering from upper respiratory infections benefit from a few drops daily. It relieves symptoms such as congestion, sneezing and the like.

Improves Fur and Coat Health


The health of an animal’s skin depends on its nutrition, general health, and other factors. When CBD pet oil drops get added to the animal’s food and drink, its health improves. This improvement translates into healthier skin and shinier fur. For skin conditions that may lead to blemishes, apply the oil drops directly or creams to get rid of any issues with the skin.

Relieves Pain

Several conditions result in animals experiencing pain. The most common one is Osteoarthritis which typically affects large older dogs. Other sources of pain include surgery, fractures, and ageing. Another frontier in Veterinary Services Journal published in 2018 argues that CBD oil drops for dogs with Osteoarthritis alleviates their pain levels. On top of pain relief, it also improves their mobility. Research on the use of the oil for other conditions is ongoing.

Improves Digestion

CBD also helps pets suffering from Gastrointestinal problems. In some cases, animals with other conditions often experience nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and more. The administration of Forever pet CBD drops in such instances relieves the problems. After several doses, the animals get an increased appetite, and most of their negative symptoms subside. On sites such as, you will likely find many types of oil drops and other tinctures.

Strengthens Immunity

With the issue of immunity, most professionals allude to the improvement of the same in dogs and cats to cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory properties. Owners get advised to add small amounts to their pet’s food and drinks to build their immunity with time.

How to Dose CBD Drops for Pets

Dose CBD

The first and most essential step in administering oil drops to your cats or dogs is to consult a vet. Vets have sufficient training to guide you on the best products and how to do the dosing. Also, it is crucial to note that the size and type of the pet will, in the long run, determine how many drops it can take at a go.

For cats, the dosage should be considerably lower. The advisable starting point for the same is 0.1-0.5 mg of CBD for each Kg of the cat. If the cat is a little heavier, it needs more cannabidiol.

With dogs, the size is considerably larger, which requires a higher amount of CBD. The advisable starting point for all dogs is 0.25mg per Kg of dog. In both cats and dogs, there is the possibility of them building up their tolerance. In such cases, it is up to you to increase the dosage with the initial amount from the beginning.

The Dos and Don’ts of CBD Pet Drops

Even though it is hard to pick a brand, some general aspects can help ease the process. Considering that every single brand claims to offer the best product, knowing what you are looking for is safer before making a purchase. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you determine the most important.

Do Feed Your Pet CBD Drops with Food or Water

cbd in food for pet

Joseph Wakshlag, a professor at Cornell University, argues that when the drops get added to foods and drinks, the absorption rate is faster. Usually, it takes about 30-45 minutes for cannabidiol to get absorbed into the body. When paired with food, the process is more immediate.

Do Not Get Products that are Not for Your Specific Type of Animal

Admittedly, some products are for dogs, cats, and other animals. Though this is cost-effective, there are issues with dosing that may land you in more difficulty. The best way to navigate the same is to get specific products for your types of animals. With dog CBD oil, for instance, the potency and the recommended dosage are on the label, meaning you will know the exact amount to offer.

Do Get Products that are Full Spectrum

Like humans, CBD oil for pets also comes in a full-spectrum category. It is important to note that full spectrum does not mean they contain THC. On the contrary, they do not have any since it harms pets. It includes a full range of terpenes that will benefit your animal. You can check the Yocan Vaporizer to find out more about the products.

Do Not Assume the Dosage on the Label

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The potency offered by the brand is essential. In most cases, it gives you an idea of how much of the product to give your cat or dog. Always note the general potency and the individual potency per piece of the product.


Navigating the ever-expanding world of CBD oil for animals is hard enough without each brand claiming theirs is the best. The best way to purchase these products is to have some basic information about what they are and how strong they are before feeding them to your furry friends. The above information offers some helpful titbits, such as choosing full-spectrum varieties and watching the potency of each.

This article is the work of Tia Moskalenko, an ardent lover of all things cannabis. She contributes to the industry’s growth by penning informative pieces on the different aspects of the industry. Her work gets based on relevant research that offers as much information on the topics as possible.

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