How to Find Out Someone’s Date of Birth When You Don’t Want to Ask

How to Find Out Someone’s Date of Birth When You Don’t Want to Ask

There could be a hundred and one reasons you may want to know someone’s birthday. Maybe you are thinking of throwing a surprise party for a new coworker. Or perhaps you simply want to set up a reminder for a friend’s birthday to avoid wishing them weeks later.

The good news is, that there are several ways to discreetly find an individual’s date of birth without asking them. Here are the top techniques you can adopt.

Browse Search Engines

These are powerful tools for discovering indexed digital data. Google, for instance, facilitates 5.9 million searches each minute. Although far behind, Bing, Yahoo!, and similar platforms can also produce a vast amount of data with their search engine result pages (SERPs).

To use them, enter the relevant individual’s name with “birthday”, “date of birth”, or “born on” to indicate what type of information you are looking for.

If you don’t know their full name but have a photo of them instead, you can even conduct an image search on many of the larger platforms.

Unlike social media searches, a search on Google and other search engines could retrieve data from a variety of online sources. These can include blogs, public directories, news media, and networking sites.

However, finding the information you require could be fairly time-consuming on these platforms. You may need to browse through countless search results and, sometimes, even try several search queries to identify data relevant to the person you are searching for. 

Use a People Search Website

Use a People Search Website

One of the notable pain points of browsing search engines is the hassle of reviewing lengthy SERPs. Besides, some of the information they contain might not even be accurate or relevant.

People search tools provide a solution for this. They access public information sources, from state and county records to social media, to collect, sort, and compile people’s databases so you can search them using a person’s name.

Once you input a first and last name, Nuwber, a people search engine, can find the relevant date of birth together with a variety of other verified personal details, including contact information, social profiles, and professional data.

Try a Reverse Search Platform

Similar to people search tools, these are data aggregator services that source information from third-party public databases to create extensive databases of their own. Even some people search websites provide reverse number, email, and address lookup services.

However, instead of using a name, these platforms allow you to search their people records using other pieces of data, usually contact details.

Here are three types of searches you can perform depending on the information you have.

  • Reverse Number Lookups

Phone numbers are distinct identifiers linked to a specific individual. This makes them a useful input data to find people and their birthdays. 

  • Reverse Email Searches

An email address is another contact data unique to each person, which can, as a result, help identify people. 

  • Reverse Address Lookups

Reverse address lookup tools can retrieve a person’s date of birth with the help of a valid address. Some of them can also provide location histories so you can trace individuals even when they no longer reside at the address you have.

Check Social Media

Check Social Media

Networking sites can unearth someone’s birthday in two main ways.

  • Profile Information

Most networking platforms provide users the option to display their date of birth on their profiles. You can find this under the personal details section on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and other popular sites.

Keep in mind that finding a social media profile could take some effort if the person in question is not a connection of yours on any of these platforms. If that is the case, consider which social media sites they are likely to use and search their names on them to discover their accounts. Be prepared to browse several profiles before you find the right one.

  • Social Media Posts 

Sometimes, you might not discover the information you seek under the relevant person’s bio. When this happens, review their timeline to check whether they have posted any photos from their last birthday party.

Another option is to search for their name and the word “birthday” using the networking platform’s search bar. This could retrieve posts and comments published under their profiles as well as content others have posted with the relevant person’s name tagged.

An important point to remember when trying the above two methods is that the information you can unearth is limited by the profile visibility options the user has selected.

For instance, if they have chosen to hide their birthday from public view or keep their profile private, you will not be able to find those details without logging in and sending them a connection request.

Ask Someone Who Knows Them

This is the most convenient method to discover information, hassle-free. Of course, it would be easier if you already know a close friend, family member, coworker, or associate of the relevant person.

When you don’t know anyone personally, try getting an introduction through a mutual contact. If that fails, approach them directly, introduce yourself, and let them know why you are requesting the relevant information.

In case you can’t think of someone who could help you, browse social media connections to identify people who know the person in question. Then, drop them a direct message explaining what information you are looking for and why. If they are not aware of it, there is a chance they might ask around and find it for you.

In the quest to uncover personal information online, understanding the impact of digital interactions becomes crucial, shedding light on the intricate web woven by social media, influencing individuals and communities in both positive and negative ways.

To Conclude

How to Find Out Someone’s Date of Birth When You Don’t Want to Ask (1)

Finding out when someone was born without asking them is certainly possible, thanks to today’s interconnected digital data ecosystem.

Of course, the simplest option is to ask one of their contacts for the information you require. When this doesn’t work, you can always use social media, search engines, people search tools, and reverse lookup platforms to discover a person’s birthday.

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