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The online casino sector has always embraced technological and societal change in order to continue to provide relevant and attractive products to customers. In recent years, that has meant adapting to everything from smartphones to the gamification of online casinos.

One particularly interesting area of development has been the development of new forms of gambling, based around the social principle. As technology enables us to live more of our lives online, the natural human instinct for social connection has led to the rise of new forms of social activity, including the development of social casinos. Social casinos feature some of the elements of casino gaming but add a social element that fits with the trend towards multiplayer gaming and the world of social media.

What are social casinos?

What are social casinos

Of course, land-based casinos can be social venues, although they are not usually designed with that in mind. In any case, visiting a real-world casino is not an option for many, particularly those who don’t want to gamble with real money but who want to enjoy some of the thrills of the casino.

Social online casinos allow players to enjoy the benefits of social interaction and play casino games with little or no risk. Social casino games can be found on social media sites, such as Facebook, or on dedicated social casino websites such as, which enable players to play casino games for free, using free play mode or with virtual currency.

In some respects, playing at a social casino is no different from a regular casino. The most popular games found at social casinos include slots, roulette, blackjack and poker. As with standard casinos, social casino games are all games of chance, determined by a random number generator, so there is no skill involved, though management of your virtual bankroll is still important.

The key difference here is that there is no real money involved, so there is no risk of losing money or developing financial or gambling problems. Social casinos provide a convenient way for people to enjoy casino gaming without risking money that they can’t afford to lose.

Social casino legality

At this point, you may be wondering about the legal status of social casinos. The picture in the US across the gambling sector is a confusing one. Many states have legalized all forms of gambling, some have legalized in-person but not online gambling, and others have prohibited all forms of gambling.

The good news, if you are looking for an online social casino to play at, is that social casino gaming is not illegal in almost all states. No money is being risked when you play at social casinos, so in almost all parts of the US, it is legal to play at online social casinos, though we would still recommend that you check with your state gambling regulator to be sure that you are using a legal site.

While social casinos may be legal in most US states, that may not be the case outside the US, so it is important to check the rules where you are. It is also common for social casinos to have age restrictions, which rightly prohibit players under 18 or under 21 from playing.

Why social casino gaming?

Social Casinos

While online casino gaming can be convenient, it can also be isolating. As mentioned above, the social element is part of the attraction of land-based, regular casinos. Although it can be replicated to an extent with online live casino gaming, in which trained dealers operate real physical casino games, this is not the same as interacting with other players.

Social casino gaming mirrors the type of regular gaming that is popular in 2024, in which players interact with one another either directly during games or between plays.

Build your online gaming community

online gaming community

This social element is the key to the success of social casinos. Some social casino sites are embedded with or linked to social media sites, such as Facebook, so the social element is there at the beginning while others incorporate mechanisms to promote interaction, such as chatrooms. Many sites also encourage players to compete with others in mini-tournaments or competitions, and some of these casinos have thriving online communities, similar to that found in the world of bingo.

Interacting while playing online casino games can provide several benefits. It can be a good way for people to get to know others in an informal setting, through a shared gaming experience. For those who have already connected through social media, it can provide a fun activity. Some of these friendships can extend to other social media sites or offline.

Social casinos are successful at building and strengthening these social links partly because they provide a setting in which players are able to relax and enjoy playing games, without feeling under pressure to win money or at the risk of losing money. Many social casino sites develop distinct communities which can extend outside the casino itself.


Social Casino

It is clear that social casinos are becoming ever more popular with players, many of whom have never or will never play at a real-world casino or real-money online casino site.

While the attraction of playing casino games is often the same across all types of casino venues, whether real or online, social casinos offer two distinct advantages. The first is that they do not involve players risking real money, and the second is that they offer the opportunity for social interaction that would not be possible at any other type of casino.

In an increasingly fragmented world, where we spend more and more time on our mobile devices and less time in the company of others, online social casinos reflect a desire for more social, shared experiences, even in our leisure time. This trend towards more social elements in casino gaming is likely to continue through the 2020s and beyond.

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