3 Tools for Cleaner and Brighter Skin – Upgrade Your Skincare Routine in 2024


Skincare has always been something that not a lot of people really thought about, but the constant lockdown restrictions during the pandemic that locked us away in our homes has undeniably shifted this. During the pandemic, the rising interest with makeup was quickly swapped out for an obsession with skin care instead.

There was no reason to invest so much time in putting on foundation and eyeshadow when we weren’t really allowed to go anywhere, but people saw the value in investing both time and money for their skin, especially after realizing that better skin actually eliminated the need for a lot of makeup almost completely.

Learning more about skincare also gave individuals the sense of purpose that they needed during such a tumultuous time, as well as an activity that they could use to pamper themselves after all the stress and uncertainty of the period.

Self-care and aesthetics aside, skin care is also incredibly important as it maintains the integrity of the skin—the largest organ of the human body. The functions of skin are often overlooked by many, but the skin actually serves as the first line of defense against different substances. Serving as a protective barrier, the skin works to welcome certain things while keeping others out, while also contributing to our immune systems.

The skin also protects the body from physical injury by taking the brunt of the damage so that anything more important—muscles, organs, and anything else inside the body—doesn’t have to. A few more functions that the skin performs include temperature regulation, excretion through sweat and other fluids, moisture retention, and more.

While these roles and tasks are true for skin everywhere on the body, the focus of skincare tends to primarily be on the facial skin, mainly due to the fact that this area of the skin is what is most associated with appearances, expressions, and physical attractiveness. Another reason is that the skin on our faces is actually much thinner and less resilient than the skin on our bodies, warranting much more focused and dedicated care.

To take care of the facial skin, we undergo different processes and steps in our skincare routine like moisturizing, spot treating, and exfoliating, but the unsung hero of any skincare routine is actually cleansing.

Possibly the most important part, the cleansing process allows for the effective removal of any dirt, sweat, oil, and debris from the skin to allow it to function at its best. And by cleansing the skin properly, you actually pave the way for the better absorption and efficacy of the rest of your products.

And while it’s perfectly fine to use nothing but your hands to massage your favorite cleanser onto your face, these facial tools will help you get deeper clean for cleaner and glowing skin!

1. Facial Cleansing Brush

Facial Cleansing Brush

The facial cleansing brush was probably the very first facial cleaning tool that was ever made, but the years have allowed it to innovate and diversify into different kinds of brushes. From regular brushes to antibacterial silicon brushes, manual brushes to battery-operated ones, and from handheld devices to little pads, the core of the facial cleansing brush remains the same—to help your cleanser penetrate deeper into your skin so that you can get a better cleanse.

By carefully working your cleanser into your pores with this facial tool, you’re actually getting a more thorough cleansing, while also getting a light exfoliation as a bonus. The motions needed to work a facial cleansing brush actually also buffs away any dead skin cells lingering on the top of your skin, leading to smaller looking pores, fewer breakouts, and overall softer skin!

Basically, a facial cleansing brush allows you to get the most out of your cleanser, but make sure that you don’t work it in too aggressively into your skin. Too much force or pressure with a facial cleansing brush could lead to irritated skin, a compromised skin barrier, and angry breakouts.

2. Facial Steamer

Facial Steamer

While a facial steamer isn’t something that you can use while cleansing, it can actually serve as a great add-on for cleaner skin. When integrated into your skincare routine after you’ve washed away your cleanser, the hot steam produced by a facial steamer can actually help further clean your skin by loosening any leftover debris or oil from your pores.

Apart from helping with the removal of anything that could be clogging your pores, your facial steamer also benefits the rest of your skincare routine by promoting better absorption of any products applied after, as well as promoting skin hydration through the moisture of the steam.

And if that isn’t enough for you, the heat from the steam can also improve blood circulation to the face, which will result in a much glowier complexion and overall healthier skin as more nutrients are delivered to your face.

3. Ultrasonic Face Scrubber

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

An ultrasonic face scrubber is a great way to get all the impurities out of your pores without the pain that comes with a physical extraction. While physical extractions entail the skin being poked and prodded, an ultrasonic face scrubber uses sound waves and vibrations to painlessly loosen any sebum, dead skin cells, or dirt in your pores. You’ll actually be able to see all of this rise up from your pores before you can scrape it off with the spatula.

This high-tech facial tool allows you to have gentle exfoliation and thorough cleansing without any pain or discomfort. Apart from these, using a face scrubber regularly will also lead to smaller looking pores, improved skin texture, and an overall better complexion.

These are some of the many facial tools you can integrate into your daily routine to level up your skincare game. For the best deals on the best products, you can visit Temu’s official website or download the Temu mobile app today!

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