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Who is Vivek Deora?


Vivek Deora is an Indian-American Businessman. He is the owner of 23 Restaurants located in different places in America. He is known as the husband of Maneet Chauhan.

She is an Indian-American Chef and Tv personality. She is well known for her show Food Network’s Chopped.

Early life

Vivek Deora was born in Jaipur, a city in India and the date of birth is unknown. He seems to be in his forties. His parents and siblings are also unknown. We will soon update it if he discloses.


As for education, Vivek Deora was a good student. He attended Manipal University for his studies. He majored in Hotel Management.

Professional Career

Vivek Deora is a successful businessman by profession. He owns 23 Restaurants in eight different countries. He visits various places for his business. He is the co-owner of Morph Hospitality Group with his wife Maneet Chauhan.

Vivek Deora is famous for his wife Maneet Chauhan. Maneet is a famous American Chef and Tv personality. She worked in different shows. She got huge fame through Food Network’s Chopped. Maneet also worked as the head chef of Vermillion in Chicago.


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Maneet has worked with several Indian organizations. Some of them are Taj Group, Sheraton Group, and Oberoi Group.

She has a business of Eatery started in 2014. She expanded it and the new ones are Chauhan Ale and Masala House. She wrote books on cooking too. “Flavors of My World: A Culinary Tour” is her first book. She traveled to 25 countries to write it. In 2020, she wrote the novel Chaat. It is available on Amazon.

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Personal Information

Name: Vivek Deora
Nick Name: Vivek Deora
Date of Birth: Will Update
Age: In his forties
Zodiac sign: Will Update
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Indian
Religion: Hindu

Body Measurement & Appearance

Height: Average
Weight: Will Update
Body Size: Moderate
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black


Father: Will Update
Mother: Will update
Brother: Will update
Sister: Will update
Wife: Maneet Chauhan
Children: Sagun


Love Life & Affairs


Vivek Deora’s marital status is married. His wife is Maneet Chauhan. She is a famous American Chef. They first met at Manipal University.

They dated for some years before married. They married in 2007 and are living a happy life. Sagun And Karma are their children.

Interesting Facts

  • He owns 23 Restaurants.
  • His Restaurants are located in 25 countries.
  • Maneet Chauhan is his wife.

Hobbies & Interests

  • He regularly goes for an early walk.
  • He enjoys long drives with her wife.
  • Vivek Deora likes sports and often goes to watch games.
  • He is fond of good books and has a personal library.

Vivek Deora Net worth

Vivek Deora has a net worth of 1 million dollars. A big part of his income comes from his Restaurants. His wife also earns money. His wife earns from cooking shows.

Name: Vivek Deora
Source of Wealth: Businessman
Wealth: Around $1 million

Social Media

Vivek Deora is not a social media activist. He uses these platforms to update himself. He influences people through his hard work. He has a great number of followers.



Q1.Chef Maneet is married to whom?

Chef Maneet married a businessman Vivek Deora. He is the owner of 23 restaurants. His restaurants are located in various countries.

Q2.Is Maneet Chauhan’s husband a chef?

No, her husband is a successful businessman Vivek Deora. He is an Indian-American nationality holder. He visits different countries for his business.

Q3.What is Vivek Deora’s profession?

Vivek Deora is a businessman by profession. He runs many Restaurants in different countries. He is earning a good amount of money through his profession.

Q4.How did Vivek Deora her spouse?

Vivek and Maneet met during college in Manipal. They have been married for ten years. Before marrying, they had a long relationship.

Q5.Maneet Chauhan owns how many restaurants?

Maneet Chauhan is an American Chef by profession. She is a successful businesswoman too. She has four restaurants to her name. Her husband Vivek also has 23 restaurants to his name.

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