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Who is Walker Nathaniel Diggs?

Walker Nathaniel Diggs is the kid of an American Celebrity. He is the son of the American celebrities Taye Diggs and IdinaMenzel. He is also an upcoming musician and began having music classes when he was only 7 years old.

Early Life

He was born September 02, 2009 in the United States .yet lamentably, his folks separated in 2014; this was following a time of being all together. All things being equal, the kid is as yet a main concern in their lives.

Walker Nathaniel Diggs mother sealed the deal with one more man by the name of Aaron Lohr. Like his ex, Lohr is a notable vocalist and entertainer. Adequately interesting, the two were likewise projected individuals in Rent (2005).

Amanza is a model and home creator. Already, she was hitched to Ralph Brown, an unmistakable NFL player. Sadly, the two isolated after a brief time of dating.


Although there is little information in the public domain regarding his educational background, he is in school

Professional Career

As we know that he so little there for the career Walker Nathaniel Diggs no start

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Personal Information

Full Name: Walker Nathaniel Diggs
Gender: Male
Father: Taye Diggs
Mother: Idina Menzel
Age: 11 years
Date of Birth: 2 September 2009
Profession: Celebrity Kid, Upcoming Musician
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: United States of America
Birthday: 2nd September

Body Measurements

Weight: Moderate
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Siblings: None

Walker Nathaniel Diggs Parents

Nathaniel was brought into the world to the American most observed Stars Taye Diggs and IdinaMenzel and is the main child. His dad Take Diggs is an American entertainer while his mom IdinaMenzel is an American entertainer and vocalist. The two met without precedent for their life in 1995 while they were on the arrangement of Rent.

It was all consuming, instant adoration as the two started dating right away. They dated for over 7 years after which they secured the bunch in January 2003. The couple remained in marriage for around 6 years being prepared for a child after which in 2009 they invited their child.

Their marriage hit a stone in 2013 and their fondness went bad which lead to partition. They headed out in different directions formally in 3 December 2014. They, notwithstanding, deal with their child in a joined exertion.


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Famous Works of the Idina Menzel (Actress)

Movies Name Years
Film – Enchanted 2007
Private practice – television 2009
Frozen film 2013
Theatre – If and then 2014
Television – A very wicked Halloween in 2018
Theatre – summer of ’42  2000
The Film – Cinderella 2021

Famous Work Taye Diggs (Actor)

Movies Name Years
A Television series – Law and order in 1996
Chicago movie 2002
Series – the west wing  2003
The Film– Rent in 2005
Film – Baggage claim  2013
Television – Muppets now in 2020

Walker Diggs Custody

Walker Nathaniel parents parted ways in 2013. Their separation took place after ten years of marriage. Further, Walker found it difficult to deal with the divorce.

Also, post-divorce the couple filed for the custody of their son. Later on, Taye Diggs, father of Walker won the custody battle. Lastly, Walker Diggs is living with his father in America.

Walker Nathaniel Diggs Girlfriend

Walker is yet to be involved with any young lady. His folks are extremely over-defensive with regards to his dating life and need him to grow a touch more prior to reveling into the dating life.

Interesting Facts

  • He is the lone offspring of an ex-VIP couple, Taye Diggs and IdinaMenzel.
  • At the hour of his folks separate, he was around five years of age.
  • He is a significant part of his folk’s lives; they love him similarly henceforth co-nurturing him.
  • Walker is a sports enthusiast; many individuals accept he probably won’t continue in his folk’s strides.
  • In the wake of isolating from Idina, Nathaniel mentioned his dad not to date for quite a while.
  • In contrast to many children, he couldn’t care less with regards to Frozen, but then his mom plays Elsa in the melodic dream film.
  • He drives an extravagant way of life since his folks can manage the cost of it.

Walker Nathaniel Diggs Net Worth in 2024

He is the son of the celebrated Actor Taye Diggs has an estimated net worth of $14 million as of 2024. His primary source of income is his career as an Actor.

Name: Walker Nathaniel Diggs
Wealth: $14 million
Source of Wealth: Acting


Q1. How old is Walker Nathaniel diggs?

The birthday of walker Nathaniel is September 02, 2009.

Q2. What is name of Walker Nathaniel diggs Mom?

Walker Nathaniel digs mom is IdinaMenzel.

Q3. How old is Walker Nathaniel Diggs?

Walker Nathaniel Diggs 11 years old.

Q4. Does Idina Menzel have a child?

Idina Menzel is learning to “let it go” with a little help from her son Walker Nathaniel.

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