How To Become A Manager For Celebrities – 2024 Guide

Actors, singers, comedians, and sportsmen are examples of public personalities and celebrities who are busy people who require assistance with their business affairs.

They frequently employ celebrity managers to organize their calendars, bargain for contracts, and handle public relations. A job as a celebrity manager can appeal to you if you appreciate collaborating with ambitious people in a dynamic setting. This job also requires some technical requirements to be fulfilled like getting certificates made by a certificate maker. In this article, we outline the qualifications and duties of a celebrity manager and explain how to become one.

A Celebrity Manager Is What?


Celebrity managers assist high-profile people with promoting their work and advancing their careers by acting as their representative. Additionally, they oversee the contracts and itineraries of celebrities. There are three distinct categories of celebrity managers:

A personal manager who represents the celebrity in communications and negotiations with agents, publicists, and other business people.

A tour manager is a person hired by a musician or comedian to organize and manage their appearances and scheduling.

A company manager who is also a licensed accountant who is in charge of the celebrity’s money and taxes.

What Does The Manager Of Famous People Do?

The major duties of a celebrity manager include advancing and publicizing the career of their well-known client and defending them in discussions and interactions. Other obligations of the position of celebrity manager include:

  • putting anything up on the famous person’s social media pages
  • giving interviews and addressing other inquiries from media sources
  • scheduling the famous person and handling it
  • Booking tours, excursions, appearances at events, and travel
  • making a plan to sell and promote the celebrity
  • interacting with businesses and clients
  • assessing and negotiating employment agreements
  • ensuring that the celebrity keeps up their reputation and image
  • giving recommendations for monetary and professional choices
  • obtaining the celebrity’s payments and fees
  • keeping up on market trends

Frequently, celebrity managers are accessible to their clients around-the-clock, every day of the week. They may regularly travel only with stars or on their behalf.

How To Get A Job Managing Celebrities


You need instruction in business, advertising, and finance as well as the ability to work well with demanding clientele if you want to manage celebrities. To begin your profession as a celebrity publicist, follow these steps:

1. Get A Bachelor’s Degree, First

The same education and experience are required of a celebrity manager as they would be for any other professional in a management job. A four-year bachelor’s degree programme in business admin, economics, marketing, accounting, or another related discipline is an option. You can also get ready for a job in celebrity management by earning a bachelor of arts degree in literature, cinema, or arts management.

Think of submitting an application to a school in a town with a significant art, sports, or entertainment sector, such as New York or Los Angeles. In these places, there may be more possibilities for you to connect with industry insiders and get internships.

2. Acquire An Internship

Find jobs with professional employers like talent agencies, entertainment groups, or public relations firms while you are pursuing your bachelor’s degree or soon after graduating from college.

Even though you might just have administrative chores as an intern, you can learn about the field and network with individuals who can later help you get employment or progress your career. You can be invited to gatherings and parties where you can meet other experts and famous people.

3. Acquire Working Experience

Working in the business and gaining experience on the job can help you discover important skills and knowledge about becoming a celebrity manager. Apply for entry-level positions with public relations and entertainment companies after graduating from college.

It may be necessary for you to plan meetings, handle spreadsheets and itinerary creation, answer calls and emails, and carry out other supported tasks in these administrative and assistant positions. With further experience, you could be able to advance to a managerial position.

4. Earn A Degree

Certification can help you land better work or customers, yet it is not necessary to handle celebrities. Credentials demonstrate to clients and potential employers your commitment to your career as well as your drive to further your professional growth. Consider certification programmes like the one for public relations managers offered by the Public Relations Society of America.

5. Submit A Job Application

Look for celebrity management positions with talent, PR, and entertainment agencies if you have accumulated several years of work experience in the film or media affairs industries. You might be able to launch your own company as a private celebrity manager if you have contacts in the field who are familiar with celebrities or who are interested in your skills.

Competencies For Celebrity Managers


Hard and soft talents like the following are necessary for success as a celebrity manager:

With their clients and the other experts they collaborate with, celebrity managers interact orally and in writing. They should have clear and aggressive communication skills because they regularly speak with parties over the phone or meet with them in person.

Administrative Abilities

Personal assistants and administrative assistants have many of the same responsibilities as celebrity managers, including coordinating clients’ calendars and returning calls and emails.

Negotiation is a skill that celebrity managers who arrange performances, appearances, or roles for their clients should be able to use. They should be assertive and convincing.


Celebrity managers may supervise several events and activities at once. They must have excellent time management abilities, be well organized, and be able to multitask. Tools like Jetpack Workflow, a popular task management software, can be extremely helpful with that.

Interpersonal Skills

Celebrity managers should like interacting with all kinds of people because they do so frequently while working with clients, publicists, employers, and other business people. They should be personable and at ease in a variety of social settings.


Celebrity managers should be proficient with computers and at ease with utilizing spreadsheets, scheduling tools, digital calendars, communication apps, and email. Additionally, they have to be aware of the best ways to utilize each major social media network.

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