8 Famous Celebrities Who’ve Shown Support For Cryptocurrency Gambling

8 Famous Celebrities Who've Shown Support For Cryptocurrency Gambling

Online gambling has taken full swing in the world. It is a phenomenon that was never seen on the internet before. While that’s an exaggeration, online gambling is becoming viral. When you add crypto casinos to the mix the sphere of its influence expands.

But, becoming so popular didn’t happen overnight. No, it took time for online casinos to get here. The recent surge in the popularity of crypto casinos and crypto gambling wasn’t a coincidence either. It is all part of a bigger picture. 

To attract players from all over the world and convince them that crypto is the next big deal in the world of gambling takes some pull. It can be sponsored but it can happen naturally too. To become heard off overnight you need to be endorsed by someone famous.

Part of the recent success digital currency casinos are having has something to do with the number of celebrities who stated that they’re involved in crypto gambling. 

Being supported by a celeb is no small feat. Crypto casinos have everything going their way. Top-end safety, security, and privacy paired with fast transactions and ensured fair gambling.

And now celebrity endorsements. Check out the top 8 celebrities who have associated themselves with cryptocurrency gambling and while you’re at it see the best crypto-casino list Times Union compiled. 

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

The former boxing world heavyweight champion is still in the public domain. Iron Mike has had his ups and downs but still manages to remain relevant. Back in the day when his glory days of boxing were over he went bankrupt. So, it’s no wonder he’ll accept every gig that comes his way.

This is why we know that he endorses both casinos and cryptocurrencies. His name was long attached to Parimatch Sports, an online betting company from India. When you know that he’s also tied to cryptocurrency Solana and Bitcoin ATMs you get why he’s the first name on our list. 



For the famed Canadian rapper, God’s Plan certainly has little to do with digital currencies and online gambling. If you didn’t know Drake has his name attached to the famed online betting company called Stake. This company is a massive player in the domain of casino games, sports betting, and crypto.

This a perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur that is a Hotline Bling singer. Drake is very active in promoting this brand and often promotes them on his Instagram page which has 141 million followers. 

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

While famed for the goofy characters he portrayed across numerous TV shows and movies, Ashton knows his way around money. He’s not one to splash around. Instead, he loves to invest. So, it’s no wonder that he decided to spread his interest into the world of online gambling and cryptocurrencies.

Kutcher has his name tied to a betting company called Unikrn. Their focus is on eSports and crypto. What else can a man wish for? Ashton was wise enough to recognize early the benefits that crypto brings our way so he invested into this company back in 2015. By now, his investment probably multiplied. 

Andrew Luck

8 Famous Celebrities Who've Shown Support For Cryptocurrency Gambling

This is a name you haven’t heard in a while, right? Andrew Luck is a retired NFL QB, but his endorsements are still going strong. Luck was supposed to be the next big thing after he replaced Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. The Colts’ new QB was a worthy successor before injuries took their toll.

After retiring he dedicated time to rest and his family. Neither stopped him from signing an endorsement deal with a gambling establishment called Bovada. A large name in both the world of sports betting and online casinos, Andrew is just one of the athletes representing them. Known for their variety of crypto games you get the connection between the two. 

Gaining insights into the business aspects of gambling through a behind-the-scenes exploration of celebrity-owned casinos, as elaborated in the linked article, offers a unique perspective that complements the celebrities’ support for cryptocurrency gambling highlighted in the accompanying piece.

Charles Barkley 

Charles Barkley 

Barkley is a former professional basketball player who made a name for himself in the NBA. With time that has passed since his playing career ended, he managed to earn a lot and spend even more. Charles is well-known as a passionate gambler and this hasn’t changed over the years.

He allegedly spent over $10 million in casinos. Now, he’s much smarter and has his name tied to one of the major American gambling houses FanDuel. He’s both a spokesman and ambassador. When you know that FanDuel accepts crypto payments, you know precisely what Charles is promoting. 

Neymar Jr. 

Neymar Jr.  (1)

One of the globally most recognized players. Football, or soccer across the pond is his forte. The Brazilian superstar has been known as a gambler for some time now. His endeavors in the game of poker are well documented and he’s known as losing big sums while playing online.

This is what makes him the best possible ambassador for these types of activities. His name is tied to one of the world’s biggest online casinos – Poker Stars. You know this establishment and its close connection to the world of crypto. Neymar Jr. is just a messenger. 

Highlighting the adeptness of famous individuals in poker-playing skills, as explored in the linked article, adds an interesting layer to the discussion about celebrities endorsing and supporting cryptocurrency gambling, as discussed in the companion piece.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor

One of the best fighters in the history of UFC, and one of the world’s most marketable faces. That’s what Conor McGregor is. The Irishman is well-known for his business endeavors outside of the world of fighting. He has ties to the whiskey industry, various other sports, and of course gambling and crypto.

Just like another name on this list, McGregor was an ambassador for Parimatch. Also, he is well known for his involvement with different crypto and even NFTs. Some of them didn’t stick around, but Conor is well-known for promoting digital currencies. 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

The famous rapper didn’t remain immune to the frenzy that online casinos and crypto are. Snoop Dogg has his name tied to a crypto casino called Roobet. This casino is sponsored by Raw Entertainment and it took Snoop as their ambassador.

For the famed rapper, this is just a step towards more fame just located in a different sphere of entertainment. Snoop Dogg believes their project is destined for success but we’ll remain silent for the final judgment. 

Bottom Line

These are just some of the famous people who have been associated with crypto gambling. Their number will grow in the future as the popularity of online gambling and cryptocurrencies does too.

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