Who Is the Best Poker Player in Hollywood?

Casino games are very popular! Even though there are a large number of other activities that can be practiced during free time, it still seems that penalty games are the most popular option for free time. Are you wondering why? First of all, this is because casino games help you practice your strategic thinking, then because they offer the opportunity to have real fun with other people as well as the opportunity to make quick and easy money. Casinos are interesting for ordinary people like us, but also Hollywood actors.

Although it used to be necessary to go to a casino facility and enjoy the offer with many people around you, today you only need to choose – whether you will participate in the games online through some of the sites on which JackpotCity casino review team made a review or you will go to one from the objects where you can also see a famous star.

Yes, even singers, artists, and especially actors from Hollywood like to enjoy the games that are held in casinos. It is completely normal because they, like us, are looking for a specific activity to fill their free time, so of all the activities, casino games have proven to be the most suitable for some of them.

Although we are used to seeing actors only in movies and television shows, they can still be seen in many other places, such as casinos. Each of them has a favorite casino game that they enjoy while at home and are connected to one of the casino sites or enjoy the offer directly from the gambling points. So, in the past period, many Hollywood stars could be seen enjoying their favorite game in one of the casino facilities.

But which one is the best? There are many assumptions, but the facts say something completely different. Only one of them proved to be a real gambler who could win based on his strategies and way of thinking. So let’s see, who is the best Hollywood actor who has ever turned out to be a great gambler? We talk more about him, but also about others who have shown good results, in the continuation of today’s article, and we invite you to follow us to the end and learn much more about this topic.

Ben Affleck is the best casino player to come out of Hollywood!

Source: thethings.com

Although we are used to seeing the name Ben Affleck mostly in movies, i.e. as part of the actors who have starred in a movie, this name is also well known in the world of gambling. Are you wondering why? That’s because Ben Affleck is a great poker player! This Hollywood actor is considered one of the best poker players to come out of the acting industry.

He started playing poker as an amateur in his student days, but already in later years he started participating in competitions, the best outcome of which is third place in 2009 €10k Pot-Limit Omaha with Rebuys High Roller Event. He can boast of a large number of victories over experienced players who have even held training sessions for beginners in poker, but also in gambling games in general.

Apart from Affleck, the names of many other actors can be seen in the world of gambling, and we bring some of them to you in the sequel.

Who are the other Hollywood stars who have shown great knowledge in the world of gambling?

Although acting is their first love, some of the actors also focus on leisure activities during their free time. Who are some of the actors who devote themselves to gambling? We present some of them below.

Matt Damon

Source: youtube.com

Although Matt Damon is known to all of us for some of his best roles in the film industry, he will be known to all of us from now on as a person who has appeared and is actively part of the gambling industry.

Matt Damon’s favorite game is poker, and he can boast of a large number of victories. The number one victory that he is most proud of would be the victory over poker pro Doyle Brunson who is known as one of the best poker players of all time. Matt, we wish you the best of luck and success in your gambling future, but above all in your acting career – you are great in both roles!

Jennifer Tilly

Source: worldpokertour.com

You thought only male actors were in the gambling world? Although you probably thought that was the case, we have to present to you a queen of acting, but also gambling, and that is the actress Jennifer Tilly. She has several award nominations behind her, but above all, she has an Oscar nomination, and on the other hand, Jennifer can boast of being a great gambler.

She has her gambling mini-career from which we can single out one huge win from 1998 when she emerged as the winner with 3 million dollars. She is the wonder of the gambling world, but above all, she is a great actor who likes to have fun in this way in her spare time.

Tobey Maguire

Source: pokernews.com

Remember the first Spider-Man we got to hang out with in the early parts of this movie? We are sure that you remember very well the wonderful Tobey Maguire who amazed us all with his role in this movie. Believe it or not, this great actor is also a great gambler who has had many successes in the casino world.

He is an excellent poker player who started playing poker in casinos in 2004, and today we can already see him at some of the big gatherings and competitions. Excellent skills and knowledge are characteristic of him, but he emphasized on several occasions that it was just a way to have fun and that acting was and will remain his first love.


However, the gambling world has proven to all of us that there is a place for each of us to show our talent and willingness to win in any of the games. Hollywood actors who have fun and spend their free time in this way serve us as an excellent example, and the best of them we saw is Ben Affleck, who can still be seen successfully competing in one of the big competitions.

And in the future, we will see these stars at the big tables, and surely we will also see some of the new stars who may be even better than their colleagues in poker or any of the other games.

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