How To Choose The Right Size And Height Of Elevator Shoes?

How To Choose The Right Sizea And Height Of Elevator Shoes

Every person wants to feel and look like the best version of themselves, and since that’s the case, it’s nothing strange that people often look for various ways to enhance their appearance.

For some people, working out and getting in shape is the main goal, while others would prefer a bit different solution, to be a bit higher yet wear comfortable footwear.

Luckily, elevator shoes are ideal for such purposes, but since there are many factors to consider when picking one, it’s good to know what to look for and check before making any decision, especially for those entirely new to height-increasing shoes.

Of course, since there are always way too many things and go-to guides, we will focus more on the essential tips, those that actually can make your decision much easier.

Consider the needs

Consider the needs

As you may already know, there are different types of elevator shoes, and the biggest difference between these types is regarding the desired height. Namely, there are various sizes to choose from, and since, in most cases, people buy them to be a bit taller, make sure to check which size works best for you.

For first-timers, it’s preferable to do so in person, as buying online can be a bit tricky as they don’t know the precise height they want to achieve, and trying it in person can help a lot with this.

Of course, if one feels confident enough and precisely knows what they want, then going with the type of elevator shoes that work the best for you is even easier.

As for why considering the needs is important, it’s because of what the goal is. If reaching the average height is the goal, then checking the statistics in your country or/and area regarding the average height for males and females can be quite helpful.

Once you get those stats, you can make a decision regarding the height-increasing shoes available much easier. Afterward, the only thing left to do is pick the best design, the one that suits your style the most, and voila, elevator shoes will do the rest.

The style

The style is something that differs from one person to another, as we all have a unique style and know what we like to wear. Luckily, elevator shoes come in various shapes and styles, and it is up to you to decide which pair will fit perfectly into your overall look and enhance it as much as possible.

Regarding that, there are some pairs perfect for formal occasions, but, on the other side, those we can wear every day during various activities. It means your style will become only better, as there is a perfect pair of these shoes, even for the pickiest people.

The compression

The compression

Once we know precisely the type of elevator shoes we want to go with, the next thing to check is the compression. Now, this can also get a bit tricky as while, on the one hand, you want shoes to be as comfortable as possible, it’s also necessary for them to be firm and solid so that they can maintain that height and provide that much-needed support.

The best way to avoid any medical problems, from the unbearable pain in your legs to knee surgery, is to avoid shoes entirely made of hard materials like hard plastic or wood. Another thing to keep in mind is that the higher the compression, the more comfortable the shoes will be, but there is also a downside to it.

Namely, the higher the compression gets, the more it will take from the height of the shoes. Luckily, this can be easily avoided by checking the desired height and then going with the type of shoes that are a bit higher.

Overall, if this sounds like too much work, then going with a height-increasing shoe with medium compression is the best option.

Half-length versus Full-length 

We can find many pros and cons for both options, just like with everything else in life, but in most cases, a much better option is to go with a full-length elevator shoe. The reason for that is simple – a full-length type of shoe provides a much higher level of comfort, and what matters the most, you will be less likely to step in a funny manner and hurt your ankle.

This is because there will be no inclines, which is something you get with half-length elevator shoes. In general, the goal is to feel as comfortable walking as possible, which is why checking whether there is enough room for toes is important, which can sometimes be a problem with full-length shoes.

When it comes to selecting the proper size and height of elevator shoes, avoiding common shoe mistakes that could harm your feet is crucial.

The quality

The quality

Buying a quality pair of shoes is something that most people try to do, depending on their budget, especially those who spend the entire day on their feet, and it should be the same with elevator shoes. Namely, the higher the quality, the more likely it is they will last longer and provide us with more comfort while wearing them.

Regarding that, sometimes it is better to set aside more money and buy a quality product than to buy one of the lower quality, as there is no doubt that a low-quality one will last much shorter, and you will need to buy another one pretty soon.

The bottom line

Buying elevator shoes is a great solution for people who want to increase their height for a while and look absolutely trendy at the same time. There are various models on the market, and there is no doubt there is a perfect pair for every person, and all you need to do is to realize what you want.

We tried to explain the most important factors one should consider before purchasing, and, besides them, it is crucial to find a great manufacturer. If you do not know where to search, visit, and you will find whatever you want, with the option of customization for people who cannot decide on which model from the vast offer to buy.

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