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While there are many modern games that you can find in casinos these days, there are some traditional options that still remain popular. One of those games is bingo. There are different formats of this game, but the main difference you will find is the size. It can be a local community game or one provided by a national lottery, an online gambling platform, and more.

We all know the rules since they are quite simple. Depending on the size of the game, you might be able to win some amazing prizes that will change your life. Like all other categories in gambling, modern technologies have also impacted this one, with many online options available. If you are interested in playing online, check out 1xBet. We will provide you to some more interesting details about this game.


The amazing fact about this game is that it has roots in 16th-century Italy. However, it was quite different than when beans were used, and the format was not the same when compared to modern options. The style as we know it today was formed in the 20th century in the US. From there, it quickly spread across the globe, captivating players of all ages and backgrounds. The simplicity of the game, combined with the excitement of marking numbers off a card, made it an instant hit.

Bingo became huge in community centers, fundraisers, and social gatherings, providing hours of entertainment for everyone. There are still many places where you can play it, and we can say that smaller centers might be the most fun way to play Bingo even though prizes may not be as high as playing in some national lottery or online.

Interesting Daubers

For those who don’t play this game so often, it might seem strange that a dauber has such a strong meaning for this game. You can find a wide range of ink markers specially designed for Bingo. While selection is completely irrelevant, many people do invest more time into finding one perfect for their preferences.

Some people even connect the selection with their superstition thinking that choosing the right dauber could increase their chance of winning. That is the reason why producers are making daubers where you can replace different parts and use the same one for years.

Some companies even went a step forward in the game of dauber production by giving people the ability to design their own markers. Therefore, you can visit some of these websites and provide more details about what you want to be printed on them.

The Chase for Jackpots

Bingo Pilipino Jackpot

As we already mentioned, the amount you can win depends on the size and place where you are playing. Small places are interesting because of the social factor. On the other side, there are options where you can win millions. Bingo jackpots come in various forms, each with its own unique rules and mechanics. While traditional bingo involves completing a specific pattern on the card, jackpot variations introduce additional challenges and opportunities for players to win big.

A very popular model is progressive bingo, where a portion of each player’s buy-in contributes to a growing jackpot that can be won by achieving a difficult pattern or blackout. Some progressive jackpots can accumulate over several weeks or even months, leading to great prize pools. There is also another version of it, called blackout, where you will need to fill all fields to reach the biggest prize.

There were many huge prizes won in the past. As we already mentioned, a lot of countries have national lotteries that are offering this game. Therefore, there is a chance to win big every week. In some places, you can play twice per week as well.

When it comes to the biggest prizes, we have to mention the one that was won in the UK, and the value of that prize was over $7 million. Also, there are many other cases where people won more than $1 million in this game.

Benefits of Playing Online


Like all other games available in online format, this one is also present on many online gambling platforms. The main difference is that you can play whenever you want. There are draws made every 10 minutes.

Also, the advantage is that you can improve your chance of winning with the ability to play on multiple platforms at once and repeat your bets continually. Moreover, we have to mention instant Bingo, which is one of the most interesting options on websites. There is no waiting time and you don’t need to wait for other players.

It is made in the same format as some slot machines. All you need to do is to choose your stake, while the cards will be randomly generated. The waiting time for the draw is quite short, and you will see different combinations and how much you will win by combining them. For example, investing only 20 cents and getting a full board will secure a price of $1,000.

Furthermore, this is perfect for gamblers who got tired or bored with other games and want to try something else for a brake. Again, there is no difference in odds when compared to slots since everything is randomized. You can also implement a proper betting strategy to increase profit over time.

Social Factor

Grandma's Bingo

While most people are playing it for the money, we also have to add that the social factor is playing a huge role as well. That is especially related to smaller centers and communities where people will gather and play this game in a traditional way. Even though prizes are much lower, it is great for people who want to spend time with their friends or meet new ones. This is one of the main reasons why older generations love it so much.

Last Words

If you prefer a simple game where all you need to do is to choose how many tickets to buy, this game is the best option. It is random like many other models, but it has a special design and features that makes it exciting.

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