General Diablo 4 Tips That Can Help Newbies: Rise from the Ashes

General Diablo 4 Tips

Not so long ago, the next stage of beta testing of the new, fourth part of the legendary dark fantasy RPG from Blizzard – Diablo was completed.

This means that the project is being released and all the players who spent hours exploring the new game world can now fully realize their potential and new knowledge in leveling characters and studying content.

1. Choose your class

Any game, including Diablo 4, begins with the choice of your class, for which you will complete tasks and master the game content conceived by Blizzard developers.

Depending on the chosen class, there will be a corresponding leveling, and you can choose a character guided by this guide, or order D4 power leveling with security and money-back guarantees from SkyCoach.


Diablo 4 chart

A powerful warrior and master of battle with any kind of weapons. It can easily fight literally anything, enhancing the power of this weapon by attacking enemies. Most effective with specialized weapons – a sword, an ax, a club.

In Diablo 4, you can customize a specific weapon for a skill and the class will automatically equip the right weapon to attack and switch back to the standard one when it ends.

The main tool and hallmark of all barbarians is rage. This is the main stat that fills up as you deal and take damage, and is consumed for basic skills and buffs.

The main skill is Berserk, which significantly increases the overall damage to targets and attack speed for a short period of time, which makes the barbarian one of the most powerful classes in melee combat, but for a short period of time. The duration of the skill can be increased by upgrading passive skills.

Demon Hunter

A combined class for players who are used to playing as an assassin, or an Amazon in previous versions of Diablo.

You can choose to develop your class towards a dagger, or a bow. The general direction of physical damage will not change, only the direction of development towards ranged or melee combat will be acquired.

The class goes well with magical characters and in pairs they can clear huge areas from enemies due to massive attacks of two types, from which there is never any resistance at the same time at later difficulty levels.


Diablo 4 - New Highest Damage Sorcerer Build

One of the simplest and most complex classes at the same time.

It is simply due to the huge damage with the right selection of elements to study at a certain point in time, but at the same time, this is not a strong problem, since for game gold you can reset all previously studied skills and talents and learn them again.

The difficult class was due to mana dependency and weak enough physical defense to stand in the thick of enemies. When playing without allies, you need to constantly choose between maneuvering and dealing damage and constantly controlling this thin line.

In terms of damage, mages have a significant advantage because they can learn two schools of elements at once and, when combined, significantly slow down and cause damage to enemies in the area.


A character who interacts directly with the power of nature and uses its power in combat against enemies. You will be able to change your appearance and take on the power of two animals – a bear or a wolf. The bear has high attack and defense but is slow and does not have a high attack speed.

The wolf, on the other hand, is much faster in terms of movement and attack speed, but is significantly weaker in combat and is used more for maneuvering and quick runs-through acts for special purposes than for serious combat. You can call on animals that will help you in battle and clear the entire location from opponents.

In a sense, the Druid is the opposite of the necromancer, but on the side of the light, not the dark.



A magical class that uses the power of essence to raise dead monsters and other enemies into undead to fight on the side of the caster.

One of the easiest classes to complete alone, or as part of a group due to almost endless and self-regenerating resources – monsters that consume resources and kill others, which replenish all spent materials and skills.

You can choose different undead to call with melee and ranged attack types and create a full-fledged army to destroy any kind of opponents without harming the caster himself.

2. Beginning of the game

You have to leave the initial village and go to study the first acts and conquer the levels. Initial weapons and armor leave much to be desired and are needed more for a quick start than full-fledged weapons from game developers. Farming at the starting locations will allow you to quickly start sorting out weapons and armor from the knocked out one and gradually form your own sets and sets.

3. Dungeons

Try to find and clear not only large concentrations of monsters, but also dungeons – special zones in which there are many enemies divided into rooms.

Dungeons are a zone that you need to clear room by room in order to level up, knock out gold and valuable equipment, which can even be legendary – if you’re lucky.

At the end of the dungeon, you will find a dead end and a chest with a reward, or a transition to the next level to continue activity until a similar outcome.

Some zones will have a corridor type, that is, they may contain the same chests, but the main outcome will end with an exit to a new location, which will continue the path in the act and bring the player closer to completing it and entering the next stage.

4. Equipment and weapons

In order to succeed in Diablo 4, and here it is not only about the successful and fairly simple passage of all acts and the transition to high, but it is also important to have time to accumulate good weapons and equipment to strengthen your character.

You will come across a lot of regular and standard equipment, which often just gives a slight increase in characteristics and does not play a strong role, except for an intermediate boost. It is important to strive for legendary equipment and sets.

Legendary equipment is the highest quality armor and weapons, which gives a simultaneous increase to almost all the main characteristics of the class and enhances some of the skills by several values – so it is important to choose equipment for your class.

Sets are sets of equipment that are enhanced and gain new bonuses by obtaining two or more items of the same set.

In fact, this is the strongest power-up that you can get in equipment – collecting 4 or more items for a set – it will not be easy and fast, and will depend on luck, but it will bring its benefits both in PVE and PVP.

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