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Nichol Kessinger came into the focal point of public consideration as the sweetheart of Chris Watts’, the killer who finished the existence of his pregnant spouse and their two girls.

Early Life & Education

Nichol was born in 1988 in Colorado, the USA. She is 33 years old. Very little is had a few critical familiarities with her underlying life and establishment. Her father’s name is Dwayne Kessinger.

Nichole went to Colorado State University, from which he graduated in 2013 with a degree in geology. In addition, she holds a degree in geosciences. Nichol began her career as an agent, gradually progressing to the position of geographic engineer.

Concerning workplaces, she was connected with Halliburton, one of the greatest oil field organizations association, and the normal directing and advancement association Tasman Geosciences.

Subsequently, Nichole started working with Anadarko Petroleum, which is as of now guaranteed by Occidental Petroleum, an association that partakes in hydrocarbon examinations.


Had she been involved in the survey?

At the start of the assessment, Chris assured no guilt and expressed concern that they were missing. At the point when the report about Shannon and the children’s disappearing stood apart as genuinely newsworthy, Nichole comprehended that Chris beguiled her concerning his alleged partition.

Nichole dashed to contact him and clarify what was going on; she later told the Post that he showed practically no stress over the vanishings saying he “gave off an impression of not quite right” and indifferent, which prompted Nichole to contact the police and the FBI.

Following the repercussions of the evaluation, Nichole discovered that she did not realize  Chris was now bonded to Shannon, who was pregnant. Additionally, she affirmed that he told her that they were disengaged and mentioned to help him in noticing another space where they could start their new presence with his two young ladies. She discovered that he showed no quality of a persistent killer;

Had Nichol been implicated in murders?


In any case, in the two-hour meet with the subject matter experts, the way that she eradicated a couple of messages she had sent off him came to light, giving the motivation to have a questionable outlook on a dismal remainder Nichole’s trustworthiness.

Regardless of the way that there was no particular evidence that ties her to the vanishings, many took her direct during the gathering as an unwritten confirmation of obligation. For the gathering, she set on a demonstration of being haughty, self-absorbed with no empathy and humility which convinced various that she was involved.

Additionally, her story had a couple of stipulations; Nichol glanced through wedding dresses online despite the way that they dated for a long time, she said at the reunion: “I wasn’t ready for anything certified. I need my space, you need your space.”

Nichol similarly ensured that she by and large asked him to figure out things with his soul mate and contribute more energy with the kids. Many thought about this as a messy undertaking to portray herself as a respectable individual rather than a relentless mistress. Regardless of different pointers, her consideration couldn’t be illustrated, and a huge part of these “speculations” remain just hypothetical.

On the other hand, as it has not been loaded a lot. Although some are jumped to it, others have ensured that during all this preliminary, it has encountered abuses of different sources of information and has been retracted as “Homewrecker”. Nichol steadily continued to ensure that she didn’t be aware of their intimate status and Shannon’s pregnancy, which was the clarification she decided to talk with the police and uncover information.

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Personal Information

Name: Nichol Kessinger
Nick Name: Nichol
Date of Birth: In 1988
Age: 33 years
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christian

Body Measurement

Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Body Size: N/A
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black


Father: Dwayne Kessinger
Mother: N/A
Brother: N/A
Sister: N/A
Boyfriend/Husband: Chris Watts

Love Life & Affairs

During her work at the Anadarko Company, Nichole met Chris Watts in June 2018. By then, Chris worked as a director for the association. Probably he didn’t wear his wedding ring and declared that he is isolated from techniques.

Following one month, Nichol Kessinger started the nearby association with Chris Watts, significantly convinced that his division would be in a little while settled. Regardless, in August 2018, Chris’ pregnant companion and two young ladies disappeared.

Interesting Facts

  • She also did an internship for a few months in a public place.
  • Nichol Kessinger was interested in sports at her school and often took part in various games too.
  • She carried acting as her profession because She had a mania of acting since her childhood.

Hobbies & Interests

  • She regularly goes to the gym for fitness training thus she managed her body fit.
  • She enjoys the company of her family, so she tries to give her mostly spare time to her family.
  • Nichol loves shopping in different malls and traveling with family and friends.
  • She enjoys long drives.
  • She has a cluster of books because She loves reading good books.

Nichol Kessinger Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is unknown. But we will update you as soon as possible.



Q1. What is Nichol Kessinger Date of Birth?

Nichol Kessinger was born in In 1988.

Q2. What is her Net worth?

Her net worth is unknown but we will update it very soon.

Q3. Who is the husband of Nichol Kessinger?

Nichol Kessinger dated Chris Watt.

Q4. Who are her parents?

Dwayne Kessinger is her father but her mother is still unknown to the public.

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