Power Struggles: Exploring the Common Reasons Behind Circuit Breaker Trips

Power Struggles Exploring the Common Reasons Behind Circuit Breaker Trips (3)

The annoying moment is when the circuit breaker trips and your house goes dark until you turn it on. Do you know why it happens? The tripping scenario can be dangerous, leaving no way to escape. Discovering the root cause behind the trips can save you from dangerous situations.

But ignoring the situation is what you choose. However, resetting is the easiest way to fix the lighting of your house. When you focus on the root cause, you can end the frequent tripping problem and prevent dangerous electric hazards in your place.

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Focus on some reasons that are typical for tripping the electric loop. Beforehand, understand what a loop breaker does and how it protects the electric system. Look for the root causes and take suitable action to prevent tripping.

About Circuit Breaker

About Circuit BreakerA breaker is a typical switching electric device that stops automatically when high current flows in the loop. Tripping is called when the device shuts automatically in unsafe situations. It prevents damage like fire, short circuit, electric shock, etc.

When the breaker resists the current, your house’s power will go off. Discover the device in the fuse box and lift it to regain power.

But it is a temporary solution as it prevents danger at that moment. Tripping can happen frequently, and it can be annoying to fix it repeatedly. Know the root cause and fix the problem to avoid frequent tripping. Go through the typical reasons behind the frequent loop breaker trips.

When faced with a persistent circuit breaker tripping issue, following the steps outlined in addressing common circuit breaker trips can provide valuable insights, as discussed in this informative article.

Tripping Reasons

Tripping ReasonsOverloading

This occurs when electric current flows more than its real capacity in the loop. It leads to overheating and puts devices connected to the loop at risk. If a device requires 10 A of current, the overflowing current can damage the device circuitry.

Redistribute all the electrical devices connected to the same circuit and resolve the issue. There is no need to keep the loops together to avoid current overloading. To minimize the load, you can switch off some devices and prevent the breaker from functioning in an emergency.

Short Circuit

Another dangerous situation is a short circuit that can risk your life if you ignore it. This occurs whenever a hot wire overlaps or comes in contact with the neutral wire. If something happens, electric current in a significant amount flows in the circuit. The loop is incapable of managing the heat, and it gets short.

The breaker prevents the dangerous event by tripping constantly. In such a situation, you must shut down the circuit completely to prevent fire. Commonly, short circuits happen due to loose wiring or damaged wires.

It is easy to identify the possibility of the short circuit by observing the burning smell of wires. The breaker sides may burn while tripping, leaving a black color.

Ground Fault

Ground FaultThe case of ground fault looks similar to the short circuit, but there is a slight difference. Generally, it occurs when the ground wire gets in touch with the hot wire. Naked copper or metal wire touches the ground wire and passes more current than usual.

Due to the inability to handle overload, the breaker trips and gives you an indication of damage. Electrical devices can be damaged due to overheating, which can cause fire in severe conditions. You must check the discoloration on all the outlet sides to detect the fault.

Faulty Circuit Breaker

You must check the mentioned reasons when tripping happens as their chances are high. But if you detect nothing, you can suspect the loop breaker. It can be faulty. When the breaker installed is faulty or old, it cannot shut automatically even if the current flow is high.

You can call an electrician to change the faulty device. It needs to be maintained as it gets worn out. Identify the faulty breaker by observing the burnt smell from the appliance. It may trip frequently and cannot be reset. There is another indication, i.e., the marks of frequent tripping on the breaker box. Be alert if something happens, and change the device quickly.

Arc Fault

Another significant reason for frequent tripping of electric loop breakers. It occurs when your loop has damaged or loose wires. These wires touch each other and can spark or arc. The heat produced by wires can lead to fire. There will be an electric arc issue when you hear the hissing sound from the light switch or outlet.

You should immediately shut down the electric current flow of your place and call an electrician to repair it. If ignored, it can cause massive fires that cannot be controlled. Never take risks to handle the situation yourself. Investigating the problem is a must to fix the issue correctly. Frequent tripping indicates damage, and any risk should be avoided.

Understanding the pros and cons of circuit breakers and fuses is crucial when delving into the common causes behind circuit breaker trips, as discussed in this informative guide.

Safety Tips

  • Safety TipsShut down the circuit entirely from the main power source to avoid damage.
  • Never ignore breaker tripping by fixing it yourself.
  • Immediately take action whenever you notice frequent tripping.
  • Call an electrician to repair loose or damaged wires.
  • Maintenance of wires and breakers is a must.
  • Stay cautious while handling wires and circuits.
  • Never rush to check and fix the issue by yourself.

The Bottom Line

Frequent tripping of loop breakers is pretty common in different places. But it can be an indication of enormous damage which you can prevent by taking considerable measures. Never neglect the tripping, as it requires immediate repair. Call a professional to check the wire connection and device functioning for regular maintenance.

Observe the cause of tripping and take safety measures. When you know the typical reasons behind the breaker fault, you can stay alert and do something before it gets too late. Accidents can happen anytime, and hence, you should stay alert all the time. Follow the safety tips and keep yourself safe while handling the electric circuit breaker device.

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