How To Store Cannabis Seeds: Preserving Potency And Viability

How To Store Cannabis Seeds: Preserving Potency And Viability

The production of cannabis is getting more popular in recent years due to new regulations that are making this plant legal in many countries. According to the ongoing research, there are many health benefits of oil, proteins, and other products that we can get from this plant.

One of the most popular types of cannabis is the one with a higher concentration of CBD, with the main advantage of not giving that well-known “high” effect.

The parts of this plant can be used in other industries as well, such as construction, manufacturing, textile, and more. Depending on the use, it is crucial to select the right strain. The best solution is to buy seeds from a licensed and well-known company, such as SeedsMan.

Before you invest in the seeds, you have to keep in mind that storing them properly is the best way to ensure maximized production. Here are some tips that will help you secure the highest quality strain from your seeds. 

Store Them in a Cold and Dark Place

Store Them in a Cold and Dark Place

Longer exposure to light will make an impact on the seeds by making them less potent or preventing their development. The same is for higher temperatures. In that matter, the best solution is to keep them in a basement or a storage unit, in a fridge without lights. 

There is an even better solution to preserve the quality, which is by using an airtight container. The main advantage of this option is that it will prevent the impact of oxygen and moisture by keeping a stable humidity.

Also, the great thing about this approach is that it can be quite simple. For example, if you don’t have a large amount of seeds, a typical jar can be enough. However, the key is to vacuum-seal it and prevent air and to get it. 

Another reason why keeping them in a cold place is efficient is because rapid changes of temperature can also have a negative impact. Therefore, you should achieve a consistent temperature of around 7 degrees Celsius. 

Maintaining seeds in an airtight container has garnered attention in recent years, much like the fascination some celebrities have shown for CBD products as they embrace natural remedies and preservation techniques.

What to do Before Storing?

What to do Before Storing?

If you are collecting seeds from your production, it is essential to prepare them for storing. There is a difference between those that you can buy and those that you are harvesting in your yard. The first step is drying.

The best conditions for drying are ventilated area with lower humidity. U can also use a paper towel under them to make it easier to allow proper distance between each seed. That will allows the air to circulate and secure the right conditions for each seed. 

Also, you should check them out from time to time to determine whether they are dry enough for storing. A simple way to do that is by gently pressing them to see if there is any extra moisture. After they get dry enough, the following step is to clean them from dirt and remove the seeds that didn’t reach the right quality. 

You should also remove those with signs of damage, changes in color, and other visible issues. The reason why this is important is that the damaged seeds can spread the problem to other plants, and even prevent the whole growing process. 

You can also implement some additional tricks to secure the best quality, such as spreading the seeds with hydrogen peroxide or a microbial inoculant. That will protect them from diseases. 

Storage Time is an Important Factor

Storage Time is an Important Factor

The complexity of preparation and storing facility depends on for how long you are planning to store them. For example, if you want to keep them dry only for a few weeks before planting them, a standard vacuumed jar or the original package, if you bought them, will serve you just fine. You can keep them in a drawer or a dark spot in the fridge, and chances for facing any issues are quite low. 

On the other hand, if you are planning to store them for a longer period, a fridge in a basement that is not opened frequently, and without exposure to the light will preserve the potency. For those interested in keeping the seeds for and even longer time, a freezer is the best solution.

The key is to dry them properly and prevent the development of fungus. Also, lack of sunlight and stable temperature will prevent them to use nutrients required for germination. 

How To Start the Growing Process?

Cannabis Seeds Growing Process

The proper preparation is also essential once when you want to start growing the dried seeds. The germinating process is the first step. There are different methods you can use. The simple one for a lower amount is to use a paper towel.

Use a wet paper as a base where you will place a couple seeds, and make a small distance between them, at least 2 cm. After that, use another wet paper to cover them. Leave it like that in a dark and warm place and wait for few days until they sprout. 

When it comes to a bigger amount of seeds, you can use the Rockwool. The process is the same, and the key is to provide enough water and a higher temperature to promote sprouting. When sprouts become visible after few days, the next step is the planting process. 

The crucial part of this step is to choose a high-quality soil. The most popular options are coco cultivation, soil cultivation, and hydroponics.

The first one is made of the outer parts of coconuts. It can provide enough nutrients and provide great conditions for the plant to start growing. 

The traditional model is a standard for regular homemade producers and those who are growing only for their needs. 

The third one represents a more complex solution, and it is recommended for large producers since it will ensure the maximized volume of production with water enriched with nutrients.


The process of storing is not difficult. The key is to understand the importance of keeping them in a place with a lower and stable temperature, without the impact of air and sunlight. That will keep the seeds in a dormant state for a longer time. 

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