Todd Road Jail – Safety and Security of the Facility


In 2015, the Todd Road Jail celebrated the 20th anniversary of its opening. Todd Road Jail has over 185 employees dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of the facility while delivering a wide variety of services to staff, visitors, and inmates.

The state-rated capacity of the facility is 796 inmates. The facility prides itself on a beautiful landscape and campus-style design. The facility has often been referred to as the “jewel” of the Detention Services Division.

The Todd Road Jail facility property has undergone efforts to go “green.”

The grounds are maintained environmentally friendly and ecologically, to protect and sustain natural resources. Solar fields, water reclamation, food recycling, and drought-resistant landscape are among the environmental “green” design of the facility and grounds.

Todd Road Jail – Sheriff’s Jail Facilities

Todd Road Jail - Sheriff's jail facilities

The Todd Road Jail is the home of Inmate Services. Inmate Services provides programs available to inmates incarcerated at all Sheriff’s jail facilities.

Services offered include Academic & Vocational programs, Substance Abuse & Treatment, Re-entry Planning, Print Shop (vocational and jail industry program), and Religious programs. The programs are geared toward criminogenic factors and cognitive behavioral restructuring in an effort to reduce recidivism.

The Food Services section has a 10,000-square-foot kitchen that includes a bakery. The kitchen prepares over 2,500 meals daily. The Laundry Department provides services for the Pre-trial Detention Facility, Todd Road Jail, the East County Jail, and Work Furlough.

The facility warehouse handles deliveries and stores food and supplies for all jail facilities. The Commissary section handles all transactions associated with the delivery of sundries and hygiene items to inmates at all facilities.

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